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Complementary split ring resonator thesis

Cite this paper: Ahmed Rhbanou, Seddik Bri, Mohamed Sabbane, Design of Substrate Integerated Waveguide Bandpass Filter Based on Metamaterials CSRRs, Electrical and Electronic Engineering , Vol. 4 No. 4, 2014, pp. 63-72. doi: /.

Complementary Split Ring Resonators Using Square Sierpinski Fractal Curves V. Crnojević-Bengin1, V. Radonić1, and B. Jokanović2 1 Dept. of Electronics, Faculty of ...

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Frequency selective surfaces are used in a variety of applications. For example, the article “ Picking the Pattern for a Stealth Antenna ” from COMSOL News 2013 describes how engineers at Altran used FSS as RF filters to reduce the radar cross sections (RCS) of stealth antennas. In the article, designers employed FSS to reduce antenna gain in order to lower the RCS. There, the FSS were designed to absorb incident radiation, rather than scatter it. FSS surfaces are typically constructed with metallic patterns that are arranged periodically. Complementary split ring resonators can be used to build such structures.

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Eom, Seunghyun; Lim, Sungjoon. 2016. "Stretchable Complementary Split Ring Resonator (CSRR)-Based Radio Frequency (RF) Sensor for Strain Direction and Level Detection." Sensors 16, no. 10: 1667.

The SRR is designed to mimic the magnetic response of atoms, only on a much larger scale. Also, as part of periodic composite structure these are designed to have a stronger magnetic coupling than is found in nature. The larger scale allows for more control over the magnetic response, while each unit is smaller than the radiated electromagnetic wave .

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Complementary split ring resonator thesis

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Modeling a Complementary Split Ring Resonator with Ease.

Material Characterization Using Complementary Split-Ring.

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complementary split ring resonator thesis
complementary split ring resonator thesis

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