What is Case Management? - AIIM, Case management case study examples

Case management case study examples

Case management is the coordination of services on behalf of an individual person who may be considered a case in different settings such as health care, nursing, rehabilitation, social work, disability insurance, employment, and law. Case management may refer to:

With other information management systems, you’re stuck dealing with this information on the document level rather than on the case level. The flexibility needed to organize and manage your information comes up short, which can increase administrative burden and processing times.

You can use case management in Microsoft Dynamics AX and in Enterprise Portal for Microsoft Dynamics AX to record, update, track, follow up on, and close issues that are raised by your customers, vendors, or workers, or that are created through your audit processes. By planning, tracking, and analyzing cases, you can develop efficient resolutions that can be used for similar issues.

Provide a test case – Whenever possible, attach a test case or provide steps to reproduce your problem. It is easier to troubleshoot a problem if we can reproduce the issue in-house.

In scenarios where cases are managed in large operations centers, challenges arise.  HotOperations™ is a unique technology which enables operations managers to optimize case work allocation in real time, and thereby save costs and increase profit. HotOperations is powered by our intelligent BPM suite.

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Add notes to cases to communicate with your team. Escalate high priority cases to managers, or send product issues to subject matter experts so customers get the best answers.

Work anywhere, anytime, on any device. With web-based case management software and the MyCase App, you can take your practice everywhere you go!

If not organized, the data accumulated throughout these subsequent searches may be difficult to interpret, lead to an incorrect conclusion, or result in an incident slipping through the cracks.

Business process management looks at processes such as this in order to create more efficiency, such as in automating where appropriate, systematizing for consistency, and filing appropriately for quick retrieval- which are all possible with BPM software .

At Webiplex, we think it makes sense to have a single business process platform that can implement as many case management apps as an organization may need, without having to spend money on separate systems. It’s a basic recognition that everything is really a case to be managed and all case management has similar needs such as notifications, collaboration, and status tracking to create enhanced accountability.

The Certified Case Manager (CCM) credential is available to health care providers licensed to practice independently in the American health care system . For example, the license would be available to Registered Nurses but not Licensed Practical Nurses , who are not licensed to assess and evaluate the health of their clients.

This series builds strong case-management leadership skills through live, full-day courses focused on collaboration, communication, critical thinking, mentorship, and cultural change.

If the court requires the parties or their lawyers to be present, both sides must go. If the court accepts the Case Management Statement instead of requiring an appearance in court, then when you call the court to find out if the CMC is on calendar the court can tell you it is off.

Case management case study examples

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What is Case Management?

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case management case study examples
case management case study examples

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