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Master thesis ntnu word

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A RAMS master's thesis shall be no more than 60 pages (all inclusive). A template for a RAMS master's thesis is provided here . The template is made for LaTeX users. If you use another word processor (., Microsoft Word), you should make a Word style that is as close as possible to the LaTeX template. The limit of 60 pages relates to this particular template.

Writing your master's thesis. For ... Use our guide on how to handle and format large documents in Word made by the ... Search for old master's thesis in NTNU ...

In the first semester   the department will arrange a seminar where the academic staff at the department presents themselves and their current research projects. This seminar and former master's thesis are a great inspiration to decide what you want to write about.

If you (still) prefer to write your thesis in Microsoft Word, you have to make your own style. It is preferred that you adapt your style as closely as possible to the style of the LaTeX template. Have a look at the file    and try to use the same margins, font sizes, and so on. The font used in the LaTeX template is Adobe Utopia . If you do not have this font, try to choose a similar serif font. You should never write your report with a sans serif textfont, such as Arial, Helvetica, or Calibri – it may look nice, but is very tiring and difficult to read.

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Master thesis ntnu word

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LaTeX Template for Project and Master Theses - ross - NTNU

Writing your master thesis -

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master thesis ntnu word
master thesis ntnu word

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