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Cannabis term paper

Currently, many health organizations in the world support giving patients instantaneous legal access to medical cannabis under a doctor's supervision. However, marijuana use is dependent on doctor’s prescription and the laws of a country.

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Q. what are the requirements of getting medicinal marijuana? i'd like to know the requirements of getting prescribed medicinal marijuana. i have heard alot about health benefits of moderate use of marijuana or should i refer to it as cannabis. A. marijuana has been proven to help in these diseases,but the problem is getting a drs order for is easyer to get it under the table than legally.

A great source that includes many personal accounts of medical marijuana helping real people in everyday life. Very reliable and useful for research information. Gives a solid account of the history of marijuana and how it has evolved to what it is at present. The book has a positive and negative side of each part of the issue so at times it is biased. This has shaped my paper to include great direct quotes.

Temporary licenses for cannabis cultivation issued by CDFA will not require an applicant to demonstrate compliance with Fish and Game Code section 1602 . However, Fish and Game Code section 1602 still requires an entity to notify CDFW if their activity will:

  • Substantially divert or obstruct the natural flow of any river, stream or lake;
  • Substantially change or use any material from the bed, channel or bank of any river, stream, or lake; or
  • Deposit debris, waste or other materials that could pass into any river, stream or lake.

Cognates of hemp in other Germanic languages include Dutch hennep , Danish and Norwegian hamp , German Hanf , and Swedish hampa . [9]

Cannabis is dioecious, meaning it comes as separate male and female plants. Male plants are taller and thinner and have flower like pods which contain the fertilizing, pollen-generating anthers. The female plant is darker and shorter and has short hairs protruding at the end of the bracteole pods.

“Aroma” is a term used to describe the general smell and/or taste of a certain plant or flower. Because consumers’ individual definition of aromas (such as “ earthy ,” skunky ,” or “ citrus “) can differ somewhat, aroma descriptions are meant as a basic guideline.

The prohibition of the cannabis sativa plant, more commonly known as marijuana, is an anomaly in the criminal code of the United States. A poll

The term "spliff" is sometimes used to distinguish a joint prepared with both cannabis and tobacco, [8] as is commonly done in European countries, where joints containing only cannabis are uncommon. [9] However, in the West Indies where this term originated (especially Jamaica ), a spliff is simply a marijuana cigarette, normally containing no tobacco. [ citation needed ]

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In spite of government and media warnings about health risks, many people see cannabis as a harmless substance that helps you to relax and 'chill' - a drug that, unlike alcohol and cigarettes, might even be good for your physical and mental health.

While cannabis may make you feel relaxed and happy, you could experience unpleasant, unwanted or negative effects on your brain and body.

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Marijuana is largely derived from the female plant of Cannabis sativa with [delta]-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) as its primary psychoactive component. THC content is highest in the flowering tops of the plant. THC content declines in the leaves, lower leaves, stems, and seeds of the plant. Marijuana is prepared by using the dried tops and leaves, usually with a THC content of to percent. Sinsemilla and Netherwood varieties of the cannabis plant have a THC content of up to 20 percent .

The health consequences of cannabis use in developing countries are largely unknown beacuse of limited and non-systematic research, but there is no reason a priori to expect that biological effects on individuals in these populations would be substantially different to what has been observed in developed countries. However, other consequences might be different given the cultural and social differences between countries.

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Cannabis term paper

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cannabis term paper
cannabis term paper

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