Compare and Contrast Urban and Rural Living Essay | Expert., Essay on rural versus urban life

Essay on rural versus urban life

In the cities hold of families is not strong, and many functions which the families used to perform have been taken away by other institutions and associations.

The state’s grading formula gives points to schools for participation and performance in college classes, like Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB) or Dual Enrollment — where students take college classes and earn both college and high school credit, depending on how they score on the end of year test or how well they do in the class.

They found no direct evidence relating to the security impact of road infrastructure , and that only theoretical linkages of infrastructure development are discussed in studies. There are various direct and indirect channels through which transport infrastructure may affect security and peace building. They agree that infrastructure programmes can potentially play three roles in a fragile context: as an engine of economic recovery and improved service provision, as part of a process of strengthening institutions, and in stabilisation and peace-building.

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In towns, the people often do not feel bored, as they have several means of amusement and entertainment such as visiting different places of importance, a visit to the zoo, some museum or exhibition, etc. In towns, people get better education as there are so many schools, colleges, universities and libraries.

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For an in-depth look at rural health disparities, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report Rural Health Series examines rural mortality and preventable deaths, health-related behaviors, chronic disease, and related topics. Additional insights and data are available in the Rural Health Reform Policy Research Center's 2014 Update of the Rural-Urban Chartbook and Exploring Rural and Urban Mortality Differences .

In contrast to my expectations, the study found no significant differences in the physical activity levels of rural and urban children, suggesting that neighborhood factors influencing physical activity are similar in both locations.  However, the study did show that children living in urban areas reported significantly higher levels of screen time (almost 30 more minutes a day than their rural counterparts), with screen time comprised of television, DVDs, the internet or computer games.  

I have understood on what explained above that rural life is better than Urban life so as people should understand this while others they are moving from there om villages to towns why???????

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Essay on rural versus urban life

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Essay on Urban Versus Rural Living - 889 Words

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essay on rural versus urban life
essay on rural versus urban life

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