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Writing custom firmware

All forms of CFW will mention whether or not they are permanent. A permanent CFW is when you turn off your PSP by holding the power switch or running out of battery, and you see the ‘Sony Computer Entertainment’ boot logo, the CFW remains installed. If the CFW is not permanent, when you restart it returns back to the original state.

(GUIDE 2) Manually replace the script so that it writes your custom firmware when you press the reset button.

Also, Option 3: Another way to get the enviroment, pointed out to me by the the redditor sej7278 , is to download the files from this GitHub repository and put them under your "./Arduino/hardware/" folder. The next time you'll load your arduino IDE you'll have to define the port,board and programmer as explain before and you are ready to go. Some people will find this solution better since they would like to choose with which arduino IDE version they want to integrate with. EDIT 24/6/2016: It seems Option 3 Github link is broken - If you find the link let me know :)

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This is a list of notable custom-firmware projects for wireless routers or software distributions for PC-based routers that have been created and are maintained by people and groups other than the manufacturer of the product. Many of these will run on various brands of Linux -based devices, such as Linksys, Asus, Netgear, etc. The extent of support for (and testing on) particular hardware varies from project to project.

UPDATE: I am aware that open-source firmware like DD-WRT exists. But I am wondering if you can do this on Cisco's firmware.

In addition to our consulting load, my first employee (as of last January)  Chris (an Electrical Engineer and ASIC Designer) and I have been spending many late nights pouring through CAD designs, product spec sheets, desoldering chips, and ripping firmware out of other products (and reversing it to see ‘how they did it’); and writing and debugging the firmware for our product .

Meanwhile LuCI evolved from a MVC-Webframework to a collection of several libraries, applications and user interfaces with general purpose for Lua programmers while the focus still remains on the web user interface which also became an official part of OpenWrt releases since OpenWrt 'Kamikaze' .

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Install “setup__”
Default installation, keep click “Next Stop” , do not change the installation path

As we enter 2018, both OpenWrt and the former LEDE project are happy to announce their unification under the OpenWrt name.

Lineage is the legacy of CyanogenMod. Fans of the mod have to say goodbye to CyanogenMod and their favorite features. CyanogenMod was ideal for beginners, since the Wiki offered a great collective wealth of knowledge. Lineage was able to hang onto some of this in the form of its own Wiki . A backup copy of the old wiki was created as well for posterity.

Writing custom firmware

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writing custom firmware -

Writing custom firmware -

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writing custom firmware
writing custom firmware

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