Psychology’s 10 Greatest Case Studies – Digested., Psychology case study interview questions

Psychology case study interview questions

Read how Joe’s panic attacks led him to avoid things that might trigger another one and how therapy helped him reduce his anxiety and get his life back on track.

^ Schultz & Schultz, Duane (2010). Psychology and work today. New York: Prentice Hall. pp. 201–202. ISBN   0-205-68358-4 .

Despite her success and social status, Jess appeared to be grounded and compassionate, actively supporting a local animal shelter. Her family dynamics appeared strong, specifically with her mother, and this was most apparent when her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.

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For the past few weeks Jessica has felt unusually fatigued and found it increasingly difficult to concentrate at work. Her coworkers have noticed that she is often irritable and withdrawn, which is quite different from her typically upbeat and friendly disposition. She has called in sick on several occasions, which is completely unlike her. On those days she stays in bed all day, watching TV or sleeping.

The major disadvantages of the case study in psychology is the inability to draw cause and effect relationships or test hypotheses. Further, with the case study it is impossible to generalize the findings to a wider population. [1]

^ Schultz & Schultz, Duane (2010). Psychology and work today. New York: Prentice Hall. pp. 201–202. ISBN   0-205-68358-4 .

 · The psychology case study is one of the oldest research methods in the discipline. One individual, sometimes with an abnormality, is studied in great depth.

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Pennington, McLoughlin, Smithson, Robinson, Boswell (2003) Advanced Psychology – Child Development, Perspectives and Methods: Hodder Arnold.

He defined the case study as also describing events in a framework within an environment. The problems are not always highlighted or even made clear; they emerge as the case material is subjected to analysis. A conclusion is not necessarily stated nor is the situation reached in the case irreversible. It is usually possible to ‘take over’ operations at a suitable point in the role of an external adviser or from a position in the case. Most business cases fall into this category.

n. an in-depth assessment and investigation conducted on a target individual, family unit, or social group. It requires a researcher to collect multiple types of data that would prove to be useful in creating a complete biographical, psychological, physiological, and environmental background on the case.

In doing case study research, the "case" being studied may be an individual, organization, event, or action, existing in a specific time and place. For instance, clinical science has produced both well-known case studies of individuals and also case studies of clinical practices. [3] [4] [5] However, when "case" is used in an abstract sense, as in a claim, a proposition, or an argument, such a case can be the subject of many research methods, not just case study research. Case studies may involve both qualitative and quantitative research methods.

An approach is a perspective (. view) that involves certain assumptions (. beliefs) about human behavior: behaviorism, humanism.

Psychology case study interview questions

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Five Landmark Psychology Case Studies You Should Know.

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psychology case study interview questions
psychology case study interview questions

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