U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps, Navy sea cadets coursework

Navy sea cadets coursework

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Ensuring the security of home and international waters is central to the stability and prosperity of Britain and the world economy.

- Unit Address: Aln Cresent, Newcastle upon Tyne,

- Postal Address: Gosforth Sea Cadets, 35 Axminster Close, Cramlington, Northumberland, NE23 2UB

Sea Scouts are part of the Scout Movement , and an entirely different style of organisation. They should not be confused with cadets as they have different aims and objectives from a cadet organisation.

Sea Cadets also participate in ceremonial events and citizenship activities that allow them to connect to their Canadian naval heritage.

Cadets is a great way to make friends, learn skills & history, and have fun!
Watch the video to see us in action!

Both programs foster youth development in a team environment dedicated to promoting leadership, citizenship, self-discipline and respect for others.

US Navy Sea Cadet Corps Van Voorhis Memorial Squadron, Las Vegas from Dixon Keller - HUMANA on Vimeo .

In 2000, the . Congress stated that the NSCC and related programs "provide significant benefits for the Armed Forces, including significant public relations benefits." [2] Although under no service obligation, a sizeable percentage of cadets later enlist in the military. Members who obtain the grade E-3 or Seaman/Airman may receive an advanced paygrade of E-3 if they join the Navy or Coast Guard before they turn 24 years old, [3] and E-2 in the Marine Corps or other services, due to the training they receive. Former Sea Cadets also represent a percentage of students at the five federal service academies .

Cadets wear Navy enlisted type uniforms and are provided an opportunity to experience technical job skills found within the US Marine Corp, US Navy, and US Coast Guard.

The senior cadet program exposes its cadets to the full rigors of a military training program. Cadets are required to attend a mandatory two-week recruit training camp. After this requirement is met, cadets are eligible to participate in a variety of advanced training sessions. These sessions serve to expose cadets to seamanship and seagoing subjects. They also focus on developing an appreciation for our country's rich naval history, customs and traditions. 

As well as weekly meetings and boating at their individual units, cadets can go on residential courses at five national training centres, six regional boating stations plus on week-long voyages sailing around the UK on one of five Sea Cadets offshore vessels. The Sea Cadets offshore fleet includes one tall ship, two yachts and two power vessels.

As trainings are made available, they are listed with details on the National Sea Cadet website at  http:///public/ . To attend a training, Cadets must first request a Request for Training Authority  form from the Commanding Officer, Executive Officer or Training Officer of the unit. Once approved you then follow the submission requirements for that training found in the “Details” section of the listed training. Complete instructions are provided in an informative webinar video on our YouTube Channel .

Navy sea cadets coursework

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navy sea cadets coursework
navy sea cadets coursework

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