BACB-Approved Course Sequences (ACS), Bacb approved coursework

Bacb approved coursework

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Mostly: The coursework requirements listed above are greater than those required for licensing in Arizona. One big difference to note is in the Experience requirements. To become licensed one must have completed 1500 hours of supervised experience. The Practicum (1,000 hrs) and Intensive Practicum (750 hrs) are not sufficient. AND the supervisor must be licensed in AZ, with some exceptions. For more information see  http:///PDF/ .

It is strongly recommended prospective students check the board’s website at for information about certification requirements in addition to the coursework offered in our BCBA certification courses. 

This is the first course of the BCBA 3rd task Edition course sequence, offered by Brandman University, required for certification by the BACB as a BCBA. This course focuses on the basic concepts in the field of applied behavior analysis, preparing students for the application of behavioral principles in various settings.

The online Master of Arts in Psychology program from Pepperdine University provides a broad understanding of human behavior and practical knowledge of how psychological concepts can be applied within various professional settings. Students learn to assess personality and intelligence and treat mental and emotional disorders. The curriculum prepares graduates to pursue doctoral study, licensure as a clinical psychologist, or a career in the human services field.

For further information about BCaBA certification, please visit the  Behavior Analyst Certification Board website.

Coursework Overview

This four-course graduate certificate, available entirely online, is open to any student with a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution as well as to seniors at UML with permission from their department chair. This certificate fulfills the coursework requirements for certification as a Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst and helps prepare students to take the BACB's BCaBA Certification Exam . All four courses will be offered online every semester—Fall, Spring, and Summer—so a student may complete the program in as few as two consecutive semesters.

For more information or to apply for the ABA certificate or the practicum supervision courses, please click the buttons below.

If you have not obtained a Master's Degree, please apply to one of Mercy’s Education programs online at: /apply-now

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Completion of this program will equip you with the degree, coursework, and supervised BACB-approved fieldwork experience requirements to meet eligibility to apply to take the Board Certification Behavior Analysis Examination®.

Verified content hours are updated quarterly. Contact the VCS Coordinator to identify any changes since the effective date listed on the Verified Course Sequence document.

If you're still undecided about the master's degree, another option to consider is one of our graduate certificates  in a specialized special education area. Or, our  license areas can help you earn an add-on license to your initial licensure. Graduate certificates and licenses can also be pursued independently of a master’s degree as a way of specializing in a specific classroom area. With the right combination of our graduate certificate and license options, you can essentially build your own master’s degree. 

Courses for the ABA program beginning in Summer 2013 are based on the current BACB Task List 4th edition Course Content Allocations .

We offer a six-course sequence (18 semester hours) that meets all coursework requirements and addresses all the information required to take the Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) exam. This BACB-approved course sequence can be completed in a period of 16 months, which includes 3 consecutive semesters and one summer session. All coursework is offered fully online.  

Certification has also become a standard requirement for insurance reimbursement for ABA services provided for the treatment of autism spectrum disorder.

This course is designed to provide students an in-depth review of the BACB Professional and Ethics Compliance Code for Behavior Analysts and other relevant content and readings that further support student understanding of the topic area. Class discussions, review of case studies, and student-lead small group problem-solving activities will enable students to apply ethical and professional standards to their work, further promoting quality interactions between the children and adults they serve, families, teachers, and others stakeholders. 

The internship experience within the ABA program provides students with 12 credit hours of supervised fieldwork experience, which amounts to 480 actual clinical hours. These internship hours can be counted toward the 1500-hour fieldwork experience requirement required by the BACB to sit for the BCBA Examination. Most students are hired by local agencies during their internship and remain with these agencies following graduation in order to complete the fieldwork hours required for certification. Most students finish their fieldwork hours within 6-9 months following graduation from the ABA program, and receive promotions as BCBAs within their agencies.

Bacb approved coursework

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bacb approved coursework
bacb approved coursework

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