Medical Curriculum Vitae Example - The Balance, Curriculum vitae medico in inglese esempio

Curriculum vitae medico in inglese esempio

ACP advocates on behalf on internists and their patients on a number of timely issues. Learn about where ACP stands on the following areas:

I have been in independent practice as an NHS and private ENT Consultant in Kent since 1993. I currently see and treat around 1,500 ENT patients per year, referred from General Medical Practitioners for specialist opinion on the full spectrum of ENT disorders. I carry out approximately 100 ENT surgical operations per year, with special interest in microsurgery of the middle ear, endoscopic sinus surgery, and laser surgery. For almost 30 years I trained and supervised junior doctors in clinical ENT practice, including emergencies and participation on busy on-call rotas.

Michael Porter trained in Plastic Surgery, at Odstock Hospital, Salisbury and at the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, with short attachments at Mount Vernon, Chepstow, Newcastle and Bradford. He graduated as MS at the University of Southampton in 1986 and passed the Intercollegiate FRCS (Plastic Surgery) examination in 1994.

MEDICO-LEGAL CURRICULUM VITAE of Mr Philip James Robinson Spire Bristol Hospital, The Glen, Redland Hill Durdham Down, Bristol, BS6 6UT Appointment ...

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I have been instructed by the General Medical Council, Medical Defence Union, Royal College of Nurses and many other organisations.

The following is an example of a curriculum vitae for someone in the medical profession. This particular example is for a physician with a focus on neurology.

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Pavia University November 1983 – March 1990
Medical Doctor, final mark 110/110 “cum laude”
Thesis title: “Nociceptive flexor reflexes variability due to age. A study in young subjects and children”
Pavia University School of Medicine
Corso Strada Nuova, 27100 Pavia

Curriculum vitae medico in inglese esempio

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curriculum vitae medico in inglese esempio
curriculum vitae medico in inglese esempio

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