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Cover letter journal of hydrology

A statement of financial or other relationships that might lead to a conflict of interest, if that information is not included in the manuscript itself or in an authors’ form . See also Section .

Skip one space after the contact information and write "Dear," followed by the name of the person being contacted. Skip another line and start your first paragraph.

You should also assure the editor that there are no conflicts of interest that would affect the decision to publish your manuscript. In the end, your cover letter should interest the editor enough to read your paper carefully and choose to send it for peer review.

Learn how to write a convincing journal submission cover letter, starting from what to include and exclude. FREE downloadable template (with notes) included!

When you submit your article to a journal, you should include a cover letter. Some journals will provide information about what to include in your cover letter in their instructions for authors.

Your cover letter to the journal editor should include only the  information outlined below. Some journals require authors to use forms particular to their own electronic submission process. In that case, be sure to follow their procedures for submission. Once you have filled out the journal’s form, you may want to email the journal editor a basic cover letter to alert her or him to look for your submission.

The short version is likely to be most appropriate for case studies and short communications. It includes four main paragraphs:

Economics Letters aims to be a valuable addition to the specialist literature, offering quick dissemination and easy accessibility of new results, models and methods in all fields of economic research . All researchers are welcome to submit their articles to Economics Letters , and especially young researchers and advanced graduate students are encouraged to submit their articles.

The paper demonstrates [significant finding and its significance]. As such this paper should be of interest to a broad readership including those interested in [what kinds of research, topics, techniques - should be those targeted by the journal].

Operations Research Letters is a publication for literature on all aspects of operations research and the management and decision sciences . The features distinguishing it from other journals in the field are
* Concise articles, generally limited to 6 journal pages
* Extended abstracts of two to four,...

We hope that you will be pleased with this revision and will finally recognize how urgently deserving of publication this work is.   If not, then you are an unscrupulous, depraved monster with no shred of human decency. You ought to be in a cage.   May whatever heritage you come from be the butt of the next round of ethnic jokes.   If you do accept it, however, we wish to thank you for your patience and wisdom throughout this process and to express our appreciation of your scholarly insights.   To repay you, we would be happy to review some manuscripts for you; please send us the next manuscript that any of these reviewers submits to your journal.

Cancer Letters now offers online submission for authors. Please submit manuscripts at http:///can and follow the instructions on the site.

Cover letter journal of hydrology

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cover letter journal of hydrology
cover letter journal of hydrology

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