Math 113 Homework - Colorado State University, Math 113 homework 5 solutions

Math 113 homework 5 solutions

In addition to the specific topics we will study, which lie at the foundations of much of higher mathematics, an important goal of the course is to expand facility with mathematical reasoning and proofs in general, as a transition to more advanced mathematics courses, and for logical thinking outside of mathematics as well. I am hoping that you already have some familiarity with proofs from Math 55 or a similar course. If not, the following might be helpful:

Exam 1 version 1 , Exam 1 version 2 ,    Solutions .
Exam 2 version 1 , Exam 2 version 2 ,    Solutions .
Exam 3 version 1 , Exam 3 version 2 ,    Solutions .

 The book used in the class is Precalculus by Julie Miller and Donna Gerkin, McGraw Hill. A special edition for UGA is available at a reduced rate, and the ISBN is 978-1-30-700456-4. You will need access to the ALEKS 360 homework system which is included with the UGA edition of the book. The book should be available at the UGA bookstore as well as other local bookstores.


  • Midterm exam , given February 11
  • ( solutions )
  • Take-home final exam , due March 18

Math 113 Homework 7 Due Friday, May 24, 2013 by 4 pm Please remember to write down your name and Stanford ID number, and to staple your solutions.

More advanced, a classic. Syllabus Green sheet We will study geometry of curves and surfaces in the small by means of differential calculus. Our main goals are to understand arclength, area, and curvature. We will attempt to cover the majority of most important results from Pressley.

MATH 113 , SUMMER 2005 , HOMEWORK 11 SOLUTION SOLUTIONS AUTHORED BY JOHN B . FRALEIGH EDITED BY BENJAMIN JOHNSON Due July 27 Assignment: section 24; 1,9,11,12,15 ,16 Section 24 1 .

Late homework policy : 1 class late: 50% penalty; 2 classes late: 75% penalty; 3 classes late: no credit. # Due date Assignment Solutions 1 9/3 HW 1 2 9/12 HW 2 3 9/24 Ex. , , , , , from Pressley 4 10/1 Ex. , , , , and from Pressley 5 10/13 Ex. , , , , and from Pressley 6 10/27 Ex. , , , from Pressley + this one 7 11/3 HW 7 8 11/17 HW 8 9 12/1 HW 9 10 12/10 Ex. , , , , from Pressley

Math 113 homework 5 solutions

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Math 113 HW 2 Solutions - Colorado State University

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math 113 homework 5 solutions
math 113 homework 5 solutions

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