Astig na graduation speech. Word chapter 2 creating a., Astig na graduation speech

Astig na graduation speech

*Cramming Mode* until 11 am on October 21. Yup, sobrang cramming talaga. By that time, feeling ko kulang parin yung oras ko, while I was on my way to the testing centre – nag aaral parin ako. Nung umaga pala nun, sumakit pa tiyan ko sa sobrang kaba. Pero nung nag exam na ako, praise God I was okay.

Hindi lang yon, nag salita pa raw sa may entablado sabi ni labidabi. Mahaba raw ang speach,  (tama ba..dapat ba oration….???) heniway…. ang ganda raw ng graduation nila.

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You could also send your resume to @ or you can directly go to our office located at Unit 1204, The One Executive Office Bldg. West Avenue Quezon City.

The shower of blessings I frequently get on the difficult college life balanced it all up. A lack of positivity would entail someone quiting. Thank God, I have an outlet. The very reason why my moral fiber is still intact is that I can always turn to Him, to vent my stress out, to show my appreciation of His blessings and to just simply find someone to talk to. I can’t imagine surviving all of this without my faith in God. Thank You, Lord!

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Here are the highlights of its growth from a mere business school with an itinerant existence to the country’s largest state university. Click upon the timeline link provided below to proceed with the specific part of the PUP history timeline. (More)

Medyo weird na ngayon ang ilang bahagi kapag binabasa ko ang talumpati. Lalo na’t pagdating ko sa UP, kung saan wala na akong tagasulat ng talumpati, ay isa ako sa mga estudyanteng bumabatikos sa Philippines 2000.

Lord thank you for allowing me to graduate, FINALLY! I would say it has been one of the highlights for this year 2016. Lord, without you hindi ko naman po ma-achieve yun. Sobrang blessed lang talaga kasi the day after that, you have provided a job. THE DAY AFTER. Grabe! Lord. Your ways are amazing! And finally, as I started my nursing career, You have witnessed all my ups and downs, You were always there Lord to sustain, guide, protect, and encourage me even though there were times that I just want to give up sa sobrang stress ng trabaho but You have been my strength Lord kaya hanggang ngayon I am still surviving this job.

Thank you so, so, so much. Really. I love you all. I promise I’ll create more stories and update more regularly because you all deserve it.

Gusto ko rin pong malaman to. Sayang po kasi, minor subject lng naman yung . Sana may considerations about this. Thanks.

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“And what is a journey? Is it just distance traveled? Time spent? No, it’s what happens on the way. It’s the things that shape you. At the end of the journey, you’re not the same. Today is about change. Graduation doesn’t just mean your circumstances change, it means you do. You ascend to a higher level. Nothing will ever be the same. Nothing.”  –  Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Oh good, I’m so glad someone found it helpful! Thanks for your nice comment! I hope yours turns out great. Good luck!

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We are always waiting for things. Even the smallest of things. Even for the mundane plans and chores.
We put standards and requirements and pre-requisites just to do the simplest tasks, to clean the kitchen, to buy a candle, to change plates, to drink wine, to throw away clothes or to accept happiness.
“I’ll finally be happy when this happens, when I have this, when I am at this place” Sounds familiar?

Astig na graduation speech

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astig na graduation speech
astig na graduation speech

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