Short Essay on Holi Festival - Important India, Short essay on holi in hindi for class 2

Short essay on holi in hindi for class 2

Holi is generally a public holiday. Banks, schools and colleges and offices are closed on that day. People celebrate Holi in a gay and playful mood. They spray coloured water over one another. They look like clowns with multi­coloured clothes. People sing, dance, beat drums and blow whistles as they go in a noisy procession through the streets. They do not spare anyone they meet. Everyone is sprayed with colour.

Holika wrapped herself in a shawl which was protecting her from fire. However, Lord Vishnu saved Prahlad and Holika get burned to ashes. So every year bonfire is made by peoples which is celebrated as Holika Devan which gives a message to burn away evil thing and pray for good.

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Subject: Children’s Essay on ‘Holi’ Mode:Medium Contributed By – Nipun B. Age – 10 years School – Delhi Public School, Bangalore South Country – India Holi is a Hindu festival and is called the festival of colours. It is mainly observed in India, Nepal and the rest of southern Asia. Other than these, it is also celebrated in other parts of the world such as …
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Even the old people are mad with joy. All people are in a jolly mood. They forget social distinctions. They mix with all freely. In our villages people move about with colored water. They sing, dance, and jump about. They beat drums and sing loudly in a chorus. In the evening they visit their friends and neighbors.

Essay on holi in hindi short Long and Spelling Paragraph on Holi festival for your own going kids, options and makes of class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. We have since below some short and long fits on holi for the use of writers.

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Glad to read the essays regarding the festivals Holi, However Holi is at the door knocking very soon. It will be great idea to share this with the kids.

Holi is the most famous festival of colours. It is celebrated every year in the month of Falgun (March) by the people of Hindu religion. It is celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm as it brings feeling of love and closeness among people. Colourful colours are spread out by the people over each other. At this day we meet each other, handshake, hug and apply abeer on the forehead to each other. We sing religious songs (or Fagua geet) with musical instruments like Dholak, Kirtal, etc. At this special day we eat special things like gujhiya, sweets, chips, papad, halwa, pani puri, dahi bade, etc. A day before the colourful holi , Holika Dahan takes place.

On the day of Holi Festival the children rejoice by sprinkling coloured waters on one another. Bands of young men and women take buckets of coloured water and sprayers of different shapes and sizes and come out on the streets. They invade the houses of their friends and relatives to wet them with coloured water and red power (abir). They abandon themselves to the hilarity of joy and mirth of colour and fragrance.

Holi falls in the month of Phalgun on a full moon day. The celebration generally falls in the month of March (sometimes in the month of February). The festival signifies the beginning of spring season. Holi is also considered as a Thanksgiving for a good harvest.
Holi is a festival that is considered as a day where people forget, forgive, make up broken relationships and got back to the happy world again. On this happy day, people spray colors on each other and play games. By spraying colors people have fun and forget all their worries.

As is believed, no one can harm the person who has God as his saviour. Thus Prahlad came out of the burning fire safely and Holika was burnt to other day is celebrated with joyful colours to mark the victory of virtue and goodness over evil.

The holy festival of Holi brings the message that man forgets his jealousy, hatred and mutual mistrust and adopts the attitude of love and equality. Join laughter and celebration in this festival of fun and entertainment, and inspire others to get involved. This festival is our cultural heritage. It is the duty of all of us to maintain the original sentiment so that future generations can be proud.

On following day, people celebrate Holi with great enthusiasm. People visit friends and families to spray colored water on them. People roam on streets and throw colored water balloons on others. Some people that don’t wish to get wet play with dry colors solely.

Holi is a Hindu festival and is called the festival of colours. It is mainly observed in India, Nepal and the rest of southern Asia. Other than these, it is also celebrated in other parts of the world such as the United States, Mauritius, etc. The festival usually begins at 13 th March on Falgun (full moon night).Holi is celebrated for 6 days. The first day is also called Chhoti Holi. People burn bone fires on this day. This is called ‘Holika’.

  Holi or the “Festival of Colours” is celebrated across the Indian sub-continent in various forms. MapsofIndia presents a comprehensive snapshot of all the information students and teachers will need to write an interesting essay on one of India’s most popular festivals. Introduction Holi signifies the victory of Good over Evil and the arrival of spring after winter. It is also celebrated as the beginning of harvesting new crops for farmers. Holi has gained a [...]

Short essay on holi in hindi for class 2

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short essay on holi in hindi for class 2
short essay on holi in hindi for class 2

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