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Clep english composition essay grading

Looking at what I just typed under "Exam Description" makes me wonder if I need to take this CLEP again myself. Not very clear is it? It's a hard exam to explain, but I'll see if I can't do better here.

Check out our CLEP Preparation resources ! We've got CLEP courses to teach you the material, comprehensive CLEP study guides to help you study, CLEP practice tests to test your knowledge, and CLEP informational articles to get you up to speed on testing logistics.

2. Identify the sentence that fails to meet the standards of proper English.
A: He was sitting on a rock, with his head leaned back against a tree.
B: Eventually the bucket had finally reached its limit, and Hector started back home.
C: Chandler felt a thickness all through his chest.
D: Midnight came, and he had not yet slept.
E: Actually, I didn’t open the package until late that night.

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Sentence boundaries
Clarity of expression
Agreement: subject-verb; verb tense; pronoun reference, shift, number
Syntax: parallelism, coordination, subordination, dangling modifiers
Sentence variety

You can earn college credit for by successfully showing what you know on CLEP exams. Get to know your test before you take it with 90 days of access to 3 full-length, online practice tests , identify your strengths and weaknesses, and focus your study time where you need it.

If credit is awarded, a student’s University record will carry notation of credit, but no grade will be recorded. Credit awarded will not affect a student’s grade-point average at Penn State.

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The CLEP College Composition exams assess writing skills taught in most first-year college composition courses. Those skills include analysis, argumentation, synthesis, usage, ability to recognize logical development, and research. The exams cannot cover every skill (such as keeping a journal or peer editing) required in many first-year college writing courses. Test takers will, however, be expected to apply the principles and conventions used in longer writing projects to two timed writing assignments and to apply the rules of Standard Written English.

The essay portion of the English Composition with Essay CLEP will test your ability to present a point of view and support it with logical argument. Your point of view will be based on a CLEP supplied topic, and you must support your argument with logical evidence.

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Together, these three exercises will reveal your writing process. "Writing process" describes those tactics and strategies you possess for dealing with a range of writing assignments and producing a variety of documents. The pursuit of a college degree requires a student to write assignments on a range of topics and to produce them quickly and accurately. Without a self-conscious process that can adapt to changing requirements, a student will not succeed in college. A course in English Composition provides this tool.

Can you pass the CLEP English Composition exam? It's not easy. Make sure you have what it takes to pass; use our free practice questions and answers to prep.

Clep english composition essay grading

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College Composition Modular Exam – CLEP – The College Board - Free, Practice CLEP - English Composition Exam

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clep english composition essay grading
clep english composition essay grading

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