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Wilson Knight, in his "The Embassy of Death: An Essay on Hamlet"," from the book, "The Wheel of Fire", suggests that Hamlet, in his inability to choose a sure course of action, and remembering only one of the Ghost's commands, has made himself no better than the evil he sought to destroy... The last command of the Ghost was simply that Hamlet "Remember me "()... This would also explain why the ghost would speak only with Hamlet. ... Knight says that "had Hamlet forgotten both of the Ghost's commands, it would have been well "(handout). From the end of the ghost's ...

In the British Journal Of Psychology, Dr Wiseman and his colleagues describe how they investigated two famous haunted sites - Hampton Court Palace and the South Bridge Vaults in Edinburgh - and noted that in the most 'spooky' areas there are strong magnetic fields.

On April 20, 1975, . Ambassador Graham Martin asked Thieu to resign for the good of the country. Six days later, after berating the . for not supporting him, Thieu left for Taiwan on a . transport plane, allegedly with gold bars from the national treasury packed into oversized suitcases. On the morning of April 30, Thieu’s successor, Duong Van Minh, ordered a general cease-fire, which undoubtedly saved many lives. NLF-NVA tanks rolled down the main thoroughfares of Saigon and took control of the government. There was no bloodbath.

Of course, either a thing exists or it doesn’t. No amount of belief will cause ghosts to exist if they don’t; nor could personal opinion cause ghosts not to exist if, in fact, they truly do exist. Because a person’s belief in ghosts creates very serious and far-reaching ramifications, it’s a topic that no Christian should ignore.

By analyzing the parapsychological and the paranormal, the survival theory, the situations in which ghosts usually appear and how most of those experiences are easily proven fakes, we have come to the conclusion that it is impossible for ghosts to truly exist unless evidence prove otherwise. Even if, later on, experients actually turn out to have a sixth sense that could perceive the dead, could it not be just that: a sixth sense?

Perhaps the most persistent attempt to expose the foolishness of the belief in ghosts is Scooby-Doo . Pretty much every week since 1969, when the series started, Scooby, Shaggy, Velma and the gang have been exposing the lie behind their fears of ghosts and ghoulies. It always turns out to be the strange caretaker with a clever projector, or some such; Velma's scientific turn of mind shows that Shaggy's fears are unfounded.

The overwhelming consensus of science is that ghosts do not exist. [4] Their existence is impossible to falsify , [4] and ghost hunting has been classified as pseudoscience . [5] [6] [7] Despite centuries of investigation, there is no scientific evidence that any location is inhabited by spirits of the dead. [5] [8]


Another method used to prove ghosts exist would be electronic fields. Electronic fields can be detected with an EMF. An EMF is an electronic device used to detect faulty wiring in households and electromagnetic fields, however ghost enthusiast use it as a meter to tell if a ghost is in their presence or not. They look for spikes on the EMF and assume that these spikes are caused from paranormal entities because many theorists believe ghosts can cause these electromagnetic fields.  Most of the time these researchers will look for rational causes in the spike and when there is no explanation they claim it to be proof of spirits.

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Do ghost exist essay

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do ghost exist essay
do ghost exist essay

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