Thesis Print & Bind Prices for Students at London Universities, Thesis binding prices

Thesis binding prices

* Please Note: Pages with ANY colour will have colour rate applied. Grey/grayscale is printed as colour so correct any greyed areas Header/Footer unless you wish colour rate applied.

Please note, the following prices are to be used as a guide as they are subject to change. For live pricing and to calculate the cost of your thesis printing, please use our  Order Upload  service.

Our money saving bundles guarantee you a free printing allowance and a preview of your completed thesis cover and spine!

These prices are for binding only in our standard leatherette covers. If required by your college, we can also bind with a buckram material for 10% extra.

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Please note, your thesis will be bound based on the information you provided. Therefore, please make sure that you have consulted your supervisor about the specifications before your email it in.

 Please note the 7 hour, 5 hour and 3 hour services cannot be submitted online, these need to be emailed to admin@ with instructions and a telephone number and a member of staff will call you.

Got a question or special request? No problem. You can email or call us to speak to one of our friendly, knowledgeable staff.

Your thesis will be printed, bound and shipped within 5 working days. Below is a table that explains when you can expect delivery based on the time you order.

Prices based on 4 lines of title lettering (1 line 38 characters) There is an additional charge of £ per line in excess of these 4 lines. 4 working days is the standard time. In exceptional circumstances it may take longer. An additional charge will be made if the thesis does not fall within University Regulations.

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The knowledge of craft/thesis binding has been passed down through generations since 1830 onto our current binders enabling us to offer you the best all-round service possible.

Prices quoted are per thesis book.
PLEASE NOTE: Timings shown above are for production only and exclude delivery times.

Soft binding is available on books of up to about 500 pages. If you’re concerned about the size of your book, feel free to contact us about it.

Our premises are easy to reach from Glasgow City centre, and we have parking and a loading bay. So it's easy to get to us.

Our thesis covers and spines are professionally printed with gold foil. Silver foil is also available upon request. Please contact us here should you require silver foil on your cover and spine and we will take care of everything for you.

Should you require us to print your document as well as bind there are a few guidelines that we ask that you please follow:-

Other - All of the above delivery methods are for UK delivery only unless specified. We can deliver abroad but please Contact us with details and to agree prices. Often we can only supply a price once the work is complete, this is due to differing weights and postage rates.

Thesis binding prices

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thesis binding prices
thesis binding prices

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