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Cyanobacteria master's thesis

I joined Dr. Lee’s group in 2015 as a Master student majoring in Food Science and Technology. I got my Bachelor’s degree in Food Science and Technology from Nanjing Agricultural University in China in 2015. I am now doing research in non-thermal treatment for the inactivation of microorganisms in fresh produce. In my spare time, I enjoy dancing, swimming and playing the piano.

According to Kufryk, these cyanobacteria just might be the key to booting out dirty energy sources. You know the culprits: oil, coal, gas and the like. Sure, they produce energy, but they also spew out carbons and greenhouse gases, leading to the greenhouse effect, pollution and climate change – all bad things, particularly for oxygen-breathing humans.

Yet as world-shaping as cyanobacteria are, relatively little is known about them. Until a couple of decades ago, they were called "blue-green algae" by taxonomists, though it was later revealed that they are not algae at all, but rather a completely different type of organism. That lack of taxonomic understanding made deciphering the riddle of their evolution all but impossible, Fischer says.

Basic knowledge generated in our group are used to support applied research, as our group is a part of bioenergy consortia focusing on plants ( Bio4Bio ) and cyanobacteria (DirectFuel). Please visit the links for further information.

Bacteria adapt to become well-suited to their environments, and therefore come in many shapes and forms. However, they all have a few parts in common.

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Sabir* J, Theriot* E, Manning SR , Al-Malki AL, Khiyami MA, Al-Ghamdi AK, Sabir MJ, Romanovicz D, Hajrah NH, El-Omri A, Jansen RK, Ashworth M, In press, 2018 . Phylogenetic analysis and a brief review of the history of  Phaeodactylum tricornutum  Bohlin (Bacillariophyta): an accidental tourist among model plankton diatoms. PlosOne

McCampbell, Brendon C., "Organismal Composition and Photosynthetic Traits of Biological Soil Crusts In Prairie Ecosystems of the Great Plains" (2017). Master's Theses . 36.

Master's Projects/Capstones from 2017 2017. PDF. Newborn Kangaroo Care Immediately after Cesarean Birth, Sarah Abdolcader. PDF. The Healing Power of a Whole Foods ...

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Ground human bone, rodent remains, cyanobacteria, mashed to a pulp in a flagrant violation of taxonomy. Hidden surfaces, shellacked with donkey hide glue. Scarified plastic hangs on acid-burned steel skeletons, a morbid plasma of rust and refuse collecting in its veins. Fungus decompose every reverberation within the mechanical viscera of a prepared piano. Septic-safe one-ply roses litter the floor. Indeed beneath the soiled petals lurks a subterranean latrine.

Q. What causes HABs?
Q. Can DEC predict HABs from year to year?
Q. What happens to HABs over the winter? Are there blooms under the ice?
Q. Why are some lakes more susceptible to blooms?
Q. I own a small private lake on my property. What can I do to prevent blooms?

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Cyanobacteria master's thesis

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cyanobacteria master's thesis
cyanobacteria master's thesis

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