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Organizational theory research paper topics

As people implemented organizations over time, many researchers have experimented as to which organizational theory fits them best. The theories of organizations include Bureaucracy, Rationalization (Scientific Management), and the Division of Labor. Each theory provides distinct advantages and disadvantages when implemented.

Norms for proper functioning of the organization are evolved through organizational processes. These relate to power, decision making, communication, motivation and leadership. Socialization also plays a significant role.

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Organisational structure has long been described as a mechanism through which effort is integrated through the coordination and control of activities There are many different types of structures and for years researchers and practitioners attempted to determine what type of structure was in fact the most effective. This line of inquiry has led ultimately to a contingency view of structure, that is, the most appropriate structure for a given organisation is a function of the type of environment that organisational operates within and the technology it utilizes.

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This text provides a comprehensive introduction to leadership and organizational theory, and clearly demonstrates how best to mobilize an organization’s energy, utilize individual talents, and meet external challenges.

Many consultants and organizations have recognized the commercial significance of organizational learning – and the notion of the ‘learning organization’ has been a central orienting point in this. Writers have sought to identify templates, or ideal forms, ‘which real organizations could attempt to emulate’ (Easterby-Smith and Araujo 1999: 2). In this sense the learning organization is an ideal, ‘towards which organizations have to evolve in order to be able to respond to the various pressures [they face] (Finger and Brand 1999: 136). It is characterized by a recognition that ‘individual and collective learning are key’ ( op. cit. ).

This list is probably not that controversial (the above articles ought to show up in anyone’s top 50 [ok, maybe 100], and these articles tend to be among the most highly cited.  Admittedly “learning” shows up too prevalently given my own research interests, institutional approaches also appear to fair rather well, and, if I consider “strategy” articles – the list would obviously be quite different [Barney, Teece, etc. etc.).  Well, I’ll provide a much more controversial, ‘alternative’ list in a later post (. my “classics” – for example, I am partial to these type of pieces , or these types ).  

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Such organizations as businesses and armies have been studied by social surveys, statistical field studies, field experiments, and laboratory experiments on replicas of their social hierarchies and communication networks. Although they yield the most direct evidence, field experiments present difficulties, since the leaders and…

Organizational theory is a loosely knit community of many approaches to organizational analysis . Its themes, questions, methods, and explanatory modes are extremely diverse.

As a multi-disciplinary field, organizational behavior has been influenced by developments in a number of related disciplines including: Sociology , industrial/organizational psychology , and economics .

 · There are several theories which explain the organization and its structure (EXHIBIT 1). Classical organization theory includes the scientific management ...

Organizational theory research paper topics

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Session 1. Organizational theories

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organizational theory research paper topics
organizational theory research paper topics

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