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Case study for kj somaiya

Start up -Interview Skill Basics
Lesson 1 – Introduce yourself! – 3 in a box
Lesson 2 – Profile building 2 – Why Marketing Finance
Lesson 3 – Strengths & Weaknesses
Lesson 4 – Career Goals
Lesson 5 – Hobbies & Interests
Lesson 6 – Idol or Ideal in life
Lesson 7 – Why applying for college
Lesson 8 – Why should we select you?
Lesson 9 – Marketing or Finance or others?
Lesson 10 – Have you ever failed?

Eligibility criteria is set up by the university. Different courses have different eligibility criteria. The criteria set up is as follows:

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SIMSR is one of the best MBA colleges in Mumbai. It provides excellent placement and average package close to 10 lakh . I will strongly suggest opting this college if you don't get any of the top I... Read more »

This 15 month full-time KJ Somaiya PGDM course is highly coveted in India. The applicants must have an undergraduate degree with at least 50% marks along with 5 years of relevant work experience as well as a valid CMAT / CAT/ XAT/ GMAT score as decided by the institute administration. All applications are to be made online.

1. Content building:
maximum junta will start reading newspaper from today for gdpi which is fine but what about the news of the past..  Cetking recommends a brilliant book for that purpose “INDIA UNBOUND” by gurcharan das. This book talks about India story rise and fall of economy over the last 100 years.. covers up everything you need for wat and GD.

Student committees then find ways to create demand for these products. They are sold on the campus as well as the other organisations. They are also at times incorporated in the various projects that they do.

In GHRDC CSR B-School Survey 2016, The Institute has been ranked as 1 st  amongst the Top Leading Pvt. B-Schools of Super Excellence and 2 nd  amongst the Pvt. B-Schools in the state of Maharashtra.

The event started at 9AM before which the excited participants prepared themselves by jogging and stretching. The participants were grouped into batches of 5 with each member of the batch starting the race at the same time. Volunteers guided the participants along the path to the hostel and volunteers were also placed on every alternate floor of the hostel building to provide refreshments to the tired participants. With a total count of nearly 50 participants, the event ended at 12PM followed by the prize distribution ceremony.

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Brief about the competition : iAspire is a national level business centric competition initiated by the Aspirant Relations Team of Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune. It is an online competition wherein B-school aspirants work under the guidance of MBA students from SIBM Pune in an interactive format. It provides a unique opportunity for the aspirants to experience a simulated B-school environment, where they get to work on a series of management related tasks and a case study challenge.

Case study for kj somaiya

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K J Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research.

Sitharthan K - Member - Finstreet, Finance Committee of KJ.

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case study for kj somaiya
case study for kj somaiya

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