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Keele creative writing masters

The writing modules are assessed by a portfolio of work and a critical commentary that reflects on the contents of the portfolio. The core module is assessed by written assignments and a presentation.

Students on the Keele Writing MA also participate directly in the development and maintenance of the events, publications, workshops and short courses which constitute Keele’s vibrant writing culture – typically through opting to gain experience in one of the areas in which writers often establish a secondary income – reviewing, editing and teaching.

The Research Institute provides a dynamic and supportive environment for postgraduate study and research. Postgraduates are encouraged to participate in all research activities of the Institute, from attending and giving papers at research seminars to taking part in academic events beyond the University. Seventeen academic staff work on British, North American and Postcolonial literatures from the sixteenth century to the present day, including specialists in creative writing. 

Professor Alannah Tomkins is giving her inaugural lecture right now on Victorian workhouses through the eyes of working-class writers: “It’s something of a Keele habit to work on working-class autobiographies”

We aim to be a students' union of the highest quality in representing and supporting you to get the most from your time at Keele.

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Keele creative writing masters

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Creative Writing - Keele University

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keele creative writing masters
keele creative writing masters

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