Combating Computer Crime: An International Perspective, Phd thesis on cybercrime

Phd thesis on cybercrime

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Graduates of IT security programmes should expect to acquire an in- depth understanding of complex issues related to network security software and prevention methods that will lead to developing practical problem-solving skills. In addition to gaining a diverse expertise in the area of computer science, students will develop IT project management skills and will expand their critical thinking abilities. An IT security specialist is able to perform risk assessments and tests on running data processing activities and to decode data transmissions.

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Combating Computer Crime: An International Perspective ... Thesis submitted in accordance with the ... computer-related crime, cybercrime , high-tech crime ...

As organizations rely more and more on data collection, the risks associated with data theft and breeches have become greater.

In this era of globalization, one of many things that can distinguish a developed country to a developing country is its progress of science and technology. This is because along with the development of a country's science and technology, will also developed the country's ability to enrich their own potential.

Phd thesis on cybercrime

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2009 Jordanian cybercrime investigations: a comparative.

Cybersecurity Challenges in Developing Nations - CMU

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phd thesis on cybercrime
phd thesis on cybercrime

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