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Case study of acute psychosis

On 8 February 2004, a number of physicians from Provo, Utah, called the Assistant District Medical Officer (Public Health) to report large numbers of patients suffering from acute jaundice in the city. These practitioners reported that these cases of acute jaundice tended to cluster by households. At the same time, clinical laboratories established in the city of Provo reported a large number of specimen submitted for analysis with a working diagnosis of acute hepatitis.

Chelsea Bentley, Aubrey Jacobi, Lauren Jones, Gina Pottkotter, and MegAnne Punt from the Bellarmine University Physical Therapy Program's Pathophysiology of Complex Patient Problems Project.

These three diagnoses all account for the nausea, vomiting, pulmonary congestion, pericardial friction rub, anion gap acidosis, crystalluria, flank pain, and the acute renal failure that characterized the patient’s presentation.

NOTCH1 is a gene that encodes for a transmembrane receptor that regulates normal T-cell development. This mutation has been detected in > 50 percent of both pediatric and adult T-ALL cases. FBXW7 encodes an E3 ubiquitin ligase responsible for negative regulation of NOTCH1 signaling. Mutations involving FBXW7 occur at a frequency of about 20 percent in ALL. Pediatric studies suggest the good prognostic value of NOTCH1 / FBXW7 mutations. The results in adult ALL patients are less clear, with conflicting results. 7-9

by  Omid Sadr-Azodi, MD, PhD; Fredrik Mattsson, BSc; Tomas Sjo¨berg Bexlius, MD, PhD; Mats Lindblad, MD, PhD; Jesper Lagergren, MD, PhD; Rickard Ljung, MD, PhD

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An initial response to this patient might be to attempt to control all side effects with additional medications. While adding drugs to treat side effects often occurs gradually over time and may solve the problem to some degree, it is far from ideal, particularly in an older patient, to prescribe several medications for the sole reason of controlling side effects.

last study was limited by the lack of both a non ‐ contrast ... (acute collection vs... • Acute Pancreatitis is a common illness with ...

A 70 year-old woman is referred to physical therapy by her primary care physician. She reports a seven month history of dizziness during movement and disequilibrium. She has fallen once in the yard while walking at dusk. She is unable to work in her garden without great care.

Case study of acute psychosis

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case study of acute psychosis
case study of acute psychosis

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