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Taxi Driver Essay, Research Paper “The Other” is a theme, motif or figure which seems to appear over and over in the movie. It could be nature, women, other races ...

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Many of the thematic elements in "Taxi Driver" are borrowed from other movies which exhibit distinct film noir qualities. In his essay, "Notes on Film Noir," Paul Schrader, who wrote the "Taxi Driver" screenplay, outlines his view of film noir as a genre... Like many of the protagonists in film noir, the protagonist of "Taxi Driver" is a pessimistic, hard-boiled, morally ambiguous character... The cinematography of "Taxi Driver" is also very heavily reliant on techniques pioneered by film noir... Vertical and diagonal lines are seen thoughout the landscape in Taxi Driver...

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Shortly thereafter, Travis has worked up the nerve to walk into the campaign offices and approach her. He asks her out for coffee, and while Betsy hesitates at first, she is intrigued by his boldness, and agrees. Their date, while uncomfortable, seems to draw them closer together, each of them puzzling over one another with curiosity. When Travis asks her to go out to a movie with him, Betsy hesitantly agrees.

Same people turn around him, or maybe he turns around the same people and he repeatedly recognizes similar concepts in them. In a realistic movie the fact that he meets with those people so many times and in so many different places would be a mistake. However, this is not a realistic movie. Palantine who was already around him (thanks to the posters and Betsy) gets into his car (which is highly unlikely to happen); he sees Iris in many different unrelated places (three times); Scorsese appears in the movie twice (the unknown one of these is in the scene where we first see Betsy.

When Travis exitЎЇs the garage the framing becomes much looser. Extreme long shots are used making Travis seem even more isolated from the few people on the street. We then come to TravisЎЇs apartment. While TravisЎЇs voice over is heard speaking about the rain coming and washing away all the filth and scum on the streets we are juxtaposed by the scene of his apartment. His apartment is a visual contradiction to what Travis is saying. There is trash every wear. Clothes are thrown and hung anywhere in no particular order or method. There is a stack of magazines on his bed. All the clutter in his apartment gives us a window into TravisЎЇs state of mind.

"Taxi Driver" is a film that doesn't have only one end. Certain events bring an end to story, where everything goes back to normality. The first event is when Travis tries to assassinate Palantine. The second one is when he takes out all the gang members in the building to save "the good girl", and the third is when "the bad girl" gets into his cab, and he completely ignores her because he has gotten over it.

This utter aloneness is at the center of "Taxi Driver," one of the best and most powerful of all films, and perhaps it is why so many people connect with it even though Travis Bickle would seem to be the most alienating of movie heroes. We have all felt as alone as Travis. Most of us are better at dealing with it.

Travis Bickle, a 26-year-old honorably discharged . Marine , is a lonely, depressed young man living on his own in New York City . He takes a job as a taxi driver to cope with his chronic insomnia , driving passengers every night around the city's boroughs . He also spends time in porn theaters and keeps a diary in which he consciously attempts to include aphorisms , such as "You're only as healthy as you feel."

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Taxi Driver show’s Travis’ loneliness in two specific acts in the finale: 1) the need to change the world’s problems (with the shootout) and 2) wanting to end his miserable life by killing himself. After Travis kills everyone he desired to in the finale to save Iris, he puts the gun to his head and pulls the trigger. The light sound effect of an empty gun brought the biggest gasp from me embedded in intense sorrow and the slight disappoint Travis feels. Loneliness pushes us to extremes that with a fulfilled life we would think we would have to not sink to.

He eventually bursts in a violent eruption. Having "obstinately, willfully, struck out another difficult, absurd way" through his own personal urban hell, Bickle snaps and strikes out in violence. "Almost in darkness," Travis Bickle seeks to forge a new way that is counter to his own interests, filled with "peril and danger," and just as arbitrary and chaotic as a more mainstream path might be.

Except the ending is only part of the story. Still more radical is the gambit Schrader makes in the film's opening, one that echoes ever louder through the grim spiral that follows – the unanswered question of who Travis even is. There's a skeletal personal history in that first interview with the personnel officer, an assumption of time spent as a marine in Vietnam and the existence of parents to whom he writes elaborate lies – but beyond that there's just cipherdom, with none of the biographical nuggets lesser films would use to "explain" later events, a trauma in 'Nam or a tragedy back home. We don't even know there is a home.

This is a Creative Writing task where the candidate describes an unpleasant experience. The answer here is focused, but alas, there is no direction to the piece. There is not even any inclination as to why the candidate gave his protagonist a name, as it does not feature as an aspect of the piece - it only means something to the reader and it is not at all symbolic and does not carry any allegorical weight. It seems pointless. Not only that, this story goes nowhere; there is very little description that leads to a story - this is merely a description of surroundings and very little occurs plot-wise. This is not good for candidates wishing to write interesting short stories.

Mac, Caris's father and the taxi driver, is a wonderful study in vulnerability. Stella, his elder daughter, lives up to her name by playing Lady Macbeth (none of the family attends) and being chosen to represent the school at a national science conference. She is both a point of reference in an inarticulate world for the reader and hugely annoying. This probably sounds pretty depressing. And it's true that all the characters, to varying degrees, struggle to assert themselves or even to articulate their desires (which are many, but confused). Caris's mother reflects that she and her younger daughter are similar: 'Both desiring things they don't even have words for.'

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taxi driver essay
taxi driver essay

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