French my town - GCSE Modern Foreign Languages - Marked., My town essay in french

My town essay in french

“the rat race” is a nice idiom for the fast pace of modern city life where no one has the time to sit back and enjoy life

Para visitar hay el castillo y la catedral o se puede ir a la playa, y por la noche se puede salir con amigos. Para divertirse hay una gama enorme de restaurantes, bares y discotecas. Hay mucho que hacer.

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Developments are happening at a very fast pace and we are enjoying the life that keeps changing very quickly. I remember, earlier when I was small we had to walk and the transportation was not that advanced, but now it has developed so much that even the metro rails are on the process, to make us get out from the heavy traffic blocks.

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Extracts from this document... Introduction. My town J’habite a Londres, j’y habite depuis toujours. J’habite dans l’ouest de L’Angleterre a Southampton.

En Tunisie, le commerce électronique connaît un essor notable et il est considéré comme secteur clé.L'évolution du commerce électronique est en corrélation avec l'évolution de...

It's common for your talking partner to ask for more details about a town they know little to nothing about. In our example above, the woman would like to know if Philadelphia is beautiful. How would you describe the city? Which details do you include? Which adjectives do you use? Let's find out!

I'm from live in Yangon ,a capital city . There's no attraction places for young. If u r a nature lover,u would like to visit my city. My city is full of nature.

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As a South Floridian, I believe the city where I live ideal. It is an average of 70-80 degrees year round. There is a kaleidoscope of cultures here. I can taste foods from Jamaica, Cuba, Brazil, Germany, Haiti or China without leaving city limits. I also believe that it is this diversity that teaches us tolerance and acceptance.

My town essay in french

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Essay On My Town In French -

GCSE French My town essay - Londres. - Marked by Teachers

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my town essay in french
my town essay in french

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