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Project scope statement case study

Large organizations typically spend a substantial amount of time reviewing and analyzing proposals before giving approval for a project to proceed. The scope statement does not need to repeat the proposal in great detail, but it should include a high-level summary of the business needs that the project is intended to address. This can help place the project in proper context for stakeholders who were not part of the initial approval process.

The project manager in conjunction with team members, customers, the executive sponsor and key stakeholders works to understand and describe the required output from the project initiative, often referenced as the deliverable. This deliverable includes a cost or acceptable cost range that is validated in planning and estimating activities.

The scope of the PMD Project is to plan, design, build, and implement an Access Database tool on which all Acme Consulting programs will be managed. Various access and permissions will be granted to the appropriate personnel in order to update, manage, and view programs. Each program will incorporate a virtual dashboard with key metrics in order to provide a consistent methodology on which to measure program health and status. Program dashboards will contain schedules, budget data, assigned resources, risks, and milestones for each program. The scope of this project includes all requirements gathering, planning, design, development, and implementation of the PMD tool.

Project scope objectives are the overall objectives that will meet your customers’ needs for the given product, service, or result. Project teams need to understand the project objectives as it provides a rationale for future decision making and enables teams to compare the current status to the original objectives within the project.

2) This project will provide a return on investment after 4 years. See the chart in the appendix section of this document for the supporting details.

Scope that is not approved: Project manager should identify areas where people requested scope but it was not approved to be included in the project.

Because a project is defined as a temporary endeavor creating a unique product, service, or result, the project scope is foundational. It defines what work is part of the project and what is not. It establishes what the purpose of the project is, what it will accomplish and how it will accomplish it. Effectively, it defines the project.

To be able to make the scope of the project, the project manager needs to work with all other project participants. The participants include the members of the team, the customers or clients, the executive sponsors and the major stakeholders. They all work together to understand and be able to describe the output which is required for the initiative of the project. This output is also known as the deliverable. The cost or at least a satisfactory range of cost is verified in planning out and estimating the activities in the project. This is included in the deliverables.

The scope of a project lays out the steps needed to fulfill a project's goals: It defines what the project's end product is, what work it will take to deliver it, how much it will cost and when it will be done.

The project scope statement is a comprehensive, written description of the project. A person who isn’t familiar with the project should be able to read the scope statement and understand precisely what the project entails and what it does not. They should know why it was initiated, when it might be complete and how much it will cost.

A project scope statement is a useful tool to outline the project’s deliverables and identify the constraints, assumptions and key success factors.

Scope is documented in a scope statement , which is an integral part of any project plan.
And what is a scope statement exactly? It’s a written document that is used as the basis for project decisions down the line. The scope statement clearly delineates what is in scope (the work required). Everything else is out of scope.

Project Scope Statement is a statement of all the work to be done to produce the final product of the project. The best written project scope statement example has a single-paragraph view describing the major characteristics of the project, such as the business need & problem (taken from the business case), the project goals (taken from the project goals statement), the deliverables, and the approach.

In more project oriented organizations the scope statement could also contain these and other sections: [ citation needed ]

If and when situations change, you have to assess the effect of the changes on all aspects of your project and propose the necessary changes to your Scope Statement. Your project’s requesters always have the option of either accepting your proposed changes (and allowing the project to continue) or canceling your project.

Project Scope Creep is a Common Problem.  According to the Complete Collection of Project Management Statistics 2015 , 77% of large IT projects “say they don’t always agree on when a project is done leaving the door open for ongoing rework and scope creep.”

Project scope includes requirements and deliverables which are defined by the work breakdown structure and WBS Dictionary. Deliverables are outputs of the work performed to achieve the product, service, or result. Requirements are the features and characteristic of the project scope and may address project objectives, deliverables, product design and testing.

Project scope statement case study

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project scope statement case study
project scope statement case study

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