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There are  a variety of potential ways of combatting this problem. One possibility that is sometimes suggested is a much stricter system of penalties and punishments to deter young people from a life of crime. That might work, but it would also be sensible to improve the system of education so that young people were better informed about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. This should have the effect of dealing with the issues that cause youth crime in the first place.

Youth violence is increasing and quickly becoming one of the major concerns in American today. Frequent youth violence can be found at schoolyard, at home, outside, and everywhere in the community. Why don't people ask themselves what is making the youth today so violent, and is there anything they can do to stop this trend? Youth violence is a serious issue, and there are many factors that contribute to youth violence; they are domestic violence, negative media and gangs.

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One reason is the break down in the nuclear family.  The high divorce rates have meant many children have been brought up in one-parent (1) families with no father to act as a role model which is detrimental to their development.  This is particularly important for boys , (2) who without this guidance are easily led astray by bad influences such as drugs and crime.  Another factor is the lack of things to do for the young. (3)  For example, in the UK, many television programs about this issue have shown that teenagers hang around in the evenings with little to do.  When this happens , the boredom means they will find their own entertainment, which is often crime . (4)

The recent media reports have overwhelming content on Juvenile crime. A number of studies have also gone on to report upon the extent and nature of those crimes. The government and the reform agencies including the juvenile justice system have responded accordingly thereby moving juvenile justice policy to the center of public attention and political debate in recent years. We have also witnessed demands for the change in the way young offenders punished and treated largely owing to the criticisms against juvenile justice programs. According to Jeffrey M. Jenson , and Matthew O. Howard (1998):

Is youth crime a moral panic or a moral crisis, many people will have different views however what view does the media have? The media tend to represent youth crime as a moral panic within society to create a stir and gain the public’s attention. I will be addressing how the media show this representation by analysing certain headlines and cases, which caused such controversy involving youth crime. Since the existence of youth crime the media use this particular offence as a catalyst of creating a moral panic within the community. I will look at the words they used and how they layout the news to create this moral panic and how exaggerated a story can become with help from the media.

Juveniles with a criminal history do need to be treated differently than adults. The facilities and the programs for juveniles need to address their educational needs, juvenile rehabilitation possibilities and the need for mental health counseling. Juvenile justice facilities are inherently orientated towards skill acquisition and education and when a juvenile commits a crime, these facilities are where he/she belongs.

Over one half of youth crime is committed by youth who are 16 or 17 years of age. The other half involves youth under the age of 16.

Some countries are struggling with an increase in the rate of crime. Many people think that having more police on the streets is the only way to reduce crime.

Why do young people turn to delinquency? Juvenile Crime, Juvenile Justice presents what we know and what we urgently need to find out about contributing factors, ranging from prenatal care, differences in temperament, and family influences to the role of peer relationships, the impact of the school policies toward delinquency, and the broader influences of the neighborhood and community. Equally important, this book examines a range of solutions:

The increased availability of guns has played a big part in escalating the number of crimes committed by juveniles. In Los Angeles juvenile delinquency cases involving weapon violation grew by 86% from 1988 to 1992, which was more then any other type of juvenile offense. According to a University of Michigan study found that 270,000 guns accompany secondary school students to class daily. This is startling because it shows how many more juveniles are carrying guns and the juvenile use of guns in homicides has increased from 65 to 80 percent from 1987 to 1991.

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However, there are ways to tackle such problems. Firstly, one of the ways to combat the problem is to have stricter punishments. Although, as discussed above, it can be outside factors that lead to crime, it is still important to have severe punishments to deter teenagers from crime. All too often, because they are young, the courts are too lenient. Parents also have to take more responsibility for their children’s actions. They too should be punished if their children commit crime.

A survey for the period 1990–2000 compiled by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime ranked South Africa second for assault and murder (by all means) per capita and first for rapes per capita in a data set of 60 countries. [2] Total crime per capita was 10th out of the 60 countries in the dataset. [ citation needed ]

Essay youth crime

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essay youth crime
essay youth crime

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