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Essay about malay wedding ceremony

The bridegroom’s party arrived with much fanfare, with fireworks, musical band and dance by the members of the party. They were accorded a warm welcome. The bridegroom was escorted to the throne-like seat on the raised platform.

Prior to the wedding, couples are required to undergo certain pre-wedding customs and practices to prepare for their big day.

In the spring and summer months, wedding rehearsal dinners provide a new marketing opportunity for Skyline Metro Grill at all of our locations. A rehearsal dinner is an informal meal…

Then the 'kadi' said prayers and everyone was ready for the 'kenduri'. The dinner had all the traditional dishes of 'beriyani', 'kurma', 'dalcha' with salad and' 'rendang'. After a sweet dessert, a 'Bunga Telur' was presented to each guest. It consisted of an egg placed in a small, decorated basket with flowers on top. Malay music was played throughout the function and guests were entertained to some cultural shows.

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Despite overall similarities in the respective ceremonies as done in various parts of the country, there are certain regional differences. Here only the general characteristics of the ceremonies have been highlighted.

You can have a peace of mind that every detail, no matter how small, will go just as planned. Let us smoothen and complete the finer details of your wedding for you. From elegant floral arrangement to timeless colour themes, costume arrangement to registration service, romantic music to charming bridal suites or simply add on a little signature of your personalised touch.

Generally, there are three types of weddings in Nigeria: traditional weddings, church weddings and court weddings. The civil marriage takes place at a registry, and then the religious ceremony follows. Finally it’s the traditional Nigerian wedding ceremony. Many couples choose to do all three, depending on their financial situation. Nigerian weddings are normally characterised by lots of colours.

The activities that take place during a Malay wedding come from the diverse cultural traditions --indigenous, Hindu and Islamic--that have together served to

Ok, for Malay wedding there’s no unlucky colours so whatever colours you want to wear, just go for it. Your attire just has to be decent.

I primarily choose this is event is because I have only once seen a church wedding but never have I seen a church wedding with elements from an Indian culture. Eventhough Malaysia is known as a multicultural nation, I have never been to an Indian nor Christian wedding. Since Australia is a predominantly Christian country, with around 64 per cent of all Australians identifying as Christians (Department of Foreign Affairs and Trades, 2011). Eventhough Christian is a religion, a wedding ceremony is more of a cultural event.

Essay about malay wedding ceremony

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Essay About Malay Wedding Ceremony

The Malay Wedding | Malaysia Culture And Lifestyle

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essay about malay wedding ceremony
essay about malay wedding ceremony

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