A Case Control Study on Risk Factors Associated with Low., Low birth weight research paper

Low birth weight research paper

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It was conducted by researchers at Lawson Health Research Institute, Western University and Brescia University College .

Prematurity and low birth weight can disrupt children’s development. The first three years of life are critically important for a child’s brain development.

Premature birth and fetal growth restriction may be caused by conditions that affect your baby in the womb. These include: 

Each year, about 11 percent of all babies born in Shelby County are low birth weight (LBW). Across Tennessee, the percentage is around 9 percent. In 2010, 1,527 of the 13,781 live births in Shelby County were low birth weight and 7,166 of the 79,345 births in Tennessee were LBW. 8

The Neovita trial was conducted at the Kintampo Health Research Centre in rural Ghana. 10 , 11 The study area is served by four district hospitals and 69 health facilities. All pregnancies and deliveries among women aged 15–49 years between August 2010 and November 2011 were identified through a population-based prospective surveillance system. Infants who were staying in the study area for at least six months after enrolment, who were aged less than four days and who were able to suck or feed at screening were enrolled.

Of the 294 women who made up the analytic sample, 77% were black, 16% were white, 5% were Hispanic and the rest were members of other racial or ethnic groups. The women ranged in age from 19 to 47; two-thirds were 26 or younger. Among women who reported their household income, the mean income was $13,416. Thirteen percent of women had low-birth-weight infants; these women were significantly older than others (28 vs. 25 years, on average), but the groups did not differ with respect to any other demographic characteristics examined (race or ethnicity, education, parity, marital status and recent gap in health insurance).

They found that individuals with very low birth weight (less than kg, or lbs.) or moderately low birth weight ( to kg or to pounds) had a 83 and 34 percent higher risk of hospitalization for respiratory diagnoses respectively. Those who had a history of very low birth weight had twice the risk of being hospitalized for asthma or respiratory infection and times the risk of respiratory failure requiring mechanical ventilation.

Another cause of low birthweight is intrauterine growth restriction. This occurs when a baby does not grow well in utero because of problems with the placenta, the mother's health or birth defects. Babies with Intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR) may be born early or full-term; premature babies with IUGR may be very small and physically immature, and full-term babies with IUGR may be physically mature but weak.

The primary cause of low birthweight is premature birth (being born before 37 weeks gestation). Being born early means a baby has less time in the mother's uterus to grow and gain weight. Much of a baby's weight is gained during the latter part of pregnancy.

Participants were categorized into two groups based on haemoglobin level; one with haemoglobin level less than 11gm/dL and the other with haemoglobin level 11gm/dL or more based on a prior study [ 28 ]. The iron intake frequency of mothers was classified as intake for a period of three months or more and less than three months. Number of ANC visit was classified on the basis of minimum recommended visits . having four or more visits and less than four visits.

Burton explored the hypothesis in 2011 and 2012 as a graduate student at UA by surveying black mothers in Tuscaloosa and the surrounding area. She said she found a correlation between racial identity and birth weight. Mothers who reported having full-term babies with normal birth weights reported a stronger racial identity than mothers who reported having preterm babies.

In general, risk factors in the mother that may contribute to low birth weight include young ages, multiple pregnancies, previous LBW infants, poor nutrition, heart disease or hypertension , untreated coeliac disease , drug addiction, alcohol abuse, and insufficient prenatal care . Environmental risk factors include smoking, lead exposure, and other types of air pollutions. [3] [4] [5]

One cause of low birth weight is that the baby is born early . A premature birth is defined as any baby born before the age of 37 weeks of gestation. Another cause for low birth weight is that the baby is small for its gestational age. There can be no cause for a baby with low birth rate or low birth weight can be caused by any of the following:

Low birth weight research paper

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low birth weight research paper
low birth weight research paper

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