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Case study samsung vs apple

 · Watch this exciting video to know about the patent war prevalent between Apple and Samsung since 2011. Don't forget to subscribe to the channel and press ...

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During the early 1990s, consumers began flocking to digital technologies that were being introduced in consumer goods like cameras, audio equipment and other electronics. As the analog marker leaders, Japanese companies were reluctant to adopt this new technology. Lee championed digital product innovation, opening the door for Samsung to develop the agility, innovation and creativity needed to succeed in the digital market. While this was a risky move, investing in the digital convergence set Samsung apart from the competition.  Samsung forged ahead creating an array of digital products across a remarkable range of consumer goods.

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The lawsuit, one of more than 50 Apple and Samsung filed against each other in at least 20 countries, was among the world’s most closely watched patent trials, with many twists and turns.

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Yes, I think Apple would definitely grow developing new products and creating new markets. All Apple products are compatible with one another and in my perspective that is what makes Apple so unique and amazing. On the other hand, I think that for now the best strategy for Apple would be to optimize the products they already have and develop more functions for the existing products and improving its functioning.


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The trial included about 52 hours of testimony, three hours of opening arguments, and four hours of closings. It covered everything from the invention of the technology at issue in the case to what damages should total. Apple argued throughout the trial that its case was about Samsung, not Google, and that Samsung copied Apple out of desperation. Samsung, meanwhile, argued that Apple's suit was about hurting competition and Android.

As the world shrinks and our connectivity to one another grows, brands need to stay true to their roots, and do so in ways that are Visionary, Inspiring, Bold and Exciting, regardless of where they play.

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Case study samsung vs apple

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Apple Vs Samsung Case - Case Study -

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case study samsung vs apple
case study samsung vs apple

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