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Literature review on banking products

A literature review may be a stand alone work or the introduction to a larger research paper, depending on the assignment.  Rely heavily on the guidelines your instructor has given you.

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Literature reviews are often published as scholarly articles, books, and reports. Here is an example of a recent literature review published as a scholarly journal article:

These guidelines are adapted primarily from Galvan (2006). Galvan outlines a very clear, step-by-step approach that is very useful to use as you write your review. I have integrated some other tips within this guide, particularly in suggesting different technology tools that you might want to consider in helping you organize your review. In the sections from Step 6-9 what I have included is the outline of those steps exactly as described by Galvan. I also provide links at the end of this guide to resources that you should use in order to search the literature and as you write your review.

What is a literature review? What purpose does it serve in research? What should you expect when writing one? Find out here

It is always invaluable to read the literature reviews in other theses. These will provide possible structural models for your own literature review. The UNSW library now has many theses available on-line, so it is easy to locate examples of current theses in your area of research. Check out the UNSW library website for the  Australian Digital Thesis program . Another useful strategy is to examine how literature reviews are undertaken in journal articles, although these are generally much shorter.

A literature review helps you create a sense of rapport with your audience or readers so they can trust that you have done your homework. As a result, they can give you credit for your due diligence: you have done your fact-finding and fact-checking mission, one of the initial steps of any research writing.

When readers come to your assignment, dissertation, or thesis, they will not just assume that your research or analysis is a good idea; they will want to be persuaded that it is relevant and that it was worth doing. They will ask questions such as:

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As part of their research program, many students are instructed to perform a literature review, without always understanding what a literature review is.

Generally, the purpose of a review is to analyze critically a segment of a published body of knowledge through summary, classification, and comparison of prior research studies, reviews of literature, and theoretical articles.

Students often have misconceptions when it comes to fractions (Rapp, 2009).  In many instances, it is difficult for students to identify equivalent fractions (Rapp, 2009).  Sometimes this is a result of an error in simplifying, or perhaps simplifying never occurs (Rapp, 2009).  Misconceptions of equivalent fractions lead to errors in converting improper fractions to mixed numbers, addition, subtraction, and other computations of fractions (Rapp, 2009).

The study was conducted at Parisons Roller Flour Mills Private Limited with an attempt to analyses working capital management.... ...

A literature review is more than the search for information, and goes beyond being a descriptive annotated bibliography . All works included in the review must be read, evaluated and analysed. Relationships between the literature must also be identified and articulated, in relation to your field of research.

There are also external sites that anyone looking for relevant references on Fukushima and the Higashi Nihon Dai Shinsai may want to consult:

Literature review on banking products

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literature review on banking products
literature review on banking products

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