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Football maths homework

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Have you downloaded our previous matching charts for Spring Blocks 1 and 2 of the White Rose Maths schemes of...
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Revise any spellings that you have had trouble with. Use your blue spelling book to help you (Look, Cover, Write, Check)  - Ongoing

Unit 1 2nd Revision(A)              Answers
Unit 2 Revision (A)                    Answers

Activity-led resources to engage pupils in data handling, calculating time and position and direction, enabling them to apply their knowledge to real-life football challenges.

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A pdf file packed full of activities and challenges covering a whole host of mathematical topics, each with a sneaky World Cup theme. We have straight line graphs via free kicks, algebraic substitution via top trumps, Pythagoras via Spain’s training regime, and loads more. My favourite, though, is Pass it like Pirlo, where students can learn vectors from the Italian craftsman.

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An Céadaoin 20-11-‘13
peil football
peil uisce water football
cispheil basketball
haca hockey
sacar soccer
rugbaí rugby

This BBC Two Learning Zone video maths challenge takes place at Arsenal’s training ground and features Arsenal player Per Mertesacker. The challenge is to analyse the percentage of penalty shots the striker places in each quadrant of the goal before predicting which way he will aim his final shot. This activity is aimed at Key Stage 3 students.

Do you have what it takes to win the World Cup of Math? Choose your nation then blast goals against the opposing goalie or make thrilling saves by answering math facts correctly. Move on to the next round by scoring more points than your opponent. Be careful, in each round the math problems get slightly more difficult. Choose at the beginning of the game to play with addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division problems.

Kids can find out some fun facts about Cristiano Ronaldo, and then fill in this worksheet. What would they want to talk to him about, if they were lucky enough to meet him?

Next Friday make sure you bring in your yellow books for inspection so I can see all the fabulous work you have been doing at home!

Some parents think homework must be a ‘good thing’, without being quite sure why. They may have read it in the Daily Mail, or they may be of the “I had to do it and it never did me any harm” school of thought, in which case what’s wrong with flogging and outside lavatories?

 · World Cup Math – A Soccer Math Game for Kids : On iPad or Tablet? Click HERE TO PLAY. Watch a How to Play this Game VIDEO : Activities for This Game ...

b)There are 360° in a complete turn.
The 'beef' sector has an angle of 150°, so the beef sector is 150 / 360 th of the circle. 150 / 360 x 3600 = 1500. Therefore, 1500 packets of beef sausages were sold.

But not only does the list of questions appear insanely long, it looks like a puzzle has sneaked in there which has no clear answer.

Make sure you have a pen/pencil and paper ready to answer the questions in the video, and see if you can answer within 30 seconds.

Football maths homework

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Football World Cup Simulation :

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football maths homework
football maths homework

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