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Homework page 151 1 as english

I also try to reinforce skills that will accelerate your learning, such as viewing chemistry as building blocks, force & energy, and mathematics.

Key Math Learnings:   Exploring Time and Distance
1.  There is a relationship between time and distance.
2. Simple comparisons between time and distance provide a foundation for the concept of speed.
*Please make any necessary corrections to yesterday’s homework. Then, read the “Quick Review” on page 78 and complete pages 78-79.

The class will have three exams and a final. Tentative dates for the exams are listed below, but note these dates may be changed.

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Wednesday – tomorrow is the 8 th assessment and it consists of the following: progressive tenses, use of the gerund with other verbs ( correr, seguir, venir, salir, andar, e ir ), use of the infinitive, por/para – pages 161-170, and the poem Romance de la luna, luna . Here is the online textbook link for Audio and Grammar Activities:

Instructional Strategy - Table Discussion :  To summarize this lesson, I am going to ask that students have a table discussion on the question – Think about the angles across from each side of a triangle – just knowing the side lengths, you can order the angles from largest to smallest – figure out how.  For this summary, I am going to have students discuss at their tables, and I am going to ask someone from each table to share out.  After every one shares, I will address the right/wrong answers.

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Tuesday, January 30   - Chapter 6 Lesson 5 and 6- Algebra Properties -and factoring.-Homework: Page 476 # 1-5; Page 477 #1-11; Page 478 #12 and 16

If possible, students should “teach” the pretest to one or more family members by working all the problems with an audience and explaining problems to the listeners.

Homework page 151 1 as english

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Homework page 151 1 as -


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homework page 151 1 as english
homework page 151 1 as english

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