Mitosis and Meiosis and Cell Division Set of 3 Homework., Cell division homework #2 answer sheet

Cell division homework #2 answer sheet

This diagram shows a diploid nucleus (2n=8) in which chromosome replication has occurred in preparation for mitosis (top) and meiosis (bottom). The nucleus at top right is now in prophase of mitosis; the nucleus at bottom right is now in prophase I of meiosis. Drag the labels to their appropriate targets to correctly identify the various chromosome structures. Labels can be used more than once.

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Prophase is the first stage of division. The nuclear envelope is broken down, long strands of chromatin condense to form shorter more visible strands called chromosomes, the nucleolus disappears, and microtubules attach to the chromosomes at the kinetochores present in the centromere. [6] Microtubules associated with the alignment and separation of chromosomes are referred to as the spindle and spindle fibers. Chromosomes will also be visible under a microscope and will be connected at the centromere. During this condensation and alignment period, homologous chromosomes may swap portions of their DNA in a process known as crossing over.

Cell Division Homework 2 Answers Australia Homework Research Paper Powerpoint Presentation Outline English Homework Questions And 5.

Cell division homework #2 answer sheet

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Biology Cell Division Homework Packet 1

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cell division homework #2 answer sheet
cell division homework #2 answer sheet

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