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Essay writing on mother in english

A mother turns a house into a home and home is the initial school of a child. Mother is our best teacher and trainer. She never gives up training us to speak “Am’ma (Mamma)”. She walks by knees to help us in our first steps. She teaches us the behaviors lessons. She never gives up on us. Mother teaches us the philosophies of life. Mother is the instinctive philosopher whose philosophies help us in every walk of our life. She teaches us how to love, cherish, and respect who we are, and what it takes for us to become the adults we will one day be.

When I hear my boys say the words “Mommy, I love you!” or as my little Nicholas says “Mommy, I lub you!” that makes everything else in life a little less important. Being a mother is definitely the hardest job ever, especially when they do something that is wrong and I have to discipline them. The love I have for my children comes so easy, when they come ask me to read to them or simply come lay down with them at night it makes my love multiply

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A mother is the most precious person in the life on everyone about which we cannot describe completely in the words. However some of the valuable moments with our mother can be described. A mother is the most beautiful and caring person in our lives. She always cares every moment for our every need without her any personal intention. In the morning, she calls us very softly to get rise from the bed and during night she tell us lovely stories to make us sleep with beautiful dream. She helps us to get ready for school with proper breakfast and hygienic lunch. She always waits at door for us while we return from school. She helps us to do our school homework.

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Subject: Fifteen sentence Essay/Speech on ‘My mother’ Mode: Easy Grade- 2 Target Age Group: 5-8 Years Total sentences: 13 Contributed By: Shraddha, class 2, Adayar, Chennai The person I like the most in the world is my mother. She is very beautiful, kind and lovely. I came out from her stomach. I drank her milk. She takes so much care of me. I tell everything …
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The way your mother treats you in your childhood will shape your character and influence your world outlook a lot. When you are grown-up and face some issues at work, you will imagine what your mother would do in this situation; and it helps you a lot. In the most complicated situation you can ask for advice from your mother and she will be more than happy to answer and help you. She is your most sincere and true assistant.

Sometimes in life we have to realize that our situation is not the worst thing on earth. Even if we were going through the loss of a job, the death of a child, the loss of the house, being homeless, starvation or battling a deadly disease. We should realize that we can make it through in spite of. The mom warns her son to stay focused and persevere. She states, "don't you turn back. Don't you set down on the steps because you find it's kinder hard." (Meyer 1168) You can hear in her tone that she does not want him to ever give up or turn back while he's experiencing his tough times.

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Mother has a kind and caring heart, very rare in the world we live in. She gave birth to four children but went ahead to shelter three other needy children who ended up being our siblings. She shared her heart, warmth and love amongst all of us without favoritism whatsoever. How she managed to do this is still a mystery to my siblings and I.

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I remember that she used to relate to me many oriental and mythological tales, when I was a child and did not know ho\V to read and write. She has taught me to love my country and my countrymen. She helps me every day in preparing my home-work given by the class-teacher.

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 · My mother is the most important person in my life. I have been mentioning her in almost all of the essays I write. The problem is, I cannot really express ...

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Essay writing on mother in english

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essay writing on mother in english
essay writing on mother in english

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