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Gettysburg essay contest

Explain why the   second and third day of battle proved to be a disaster for the South. Why was the Confederate army defeated at Gettysburg?   Do you consider Lee a bad person?

The Frederick Douglass Prize is an excellent opportunity for your students to demonstrate their strong research and writing skills before college applications begin and to meet some very remarkable people.

As American Legionnaires, we fully believe that education is the cornerstone upon which the future of America is built. Education becomes the first requisite of good citizenship and the relationship of The American Legion to Pennsylvania citizens is of prime importance as a means of keeping us a free civilization.

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Today, the Museum continues the tradition and sends an annual request for essays and drawings from students throughout Milton and Greater Boston. Each year, the FHM Lincoln Committee, comprised of Museum Trustees, K-8 educators, Lincoln historians and Civil War enthusiasts, meets to debate and select a question and topic. The question and topic are then released to the public, and students must use the question or topic as the subject for their essay or drawing.

Ayn Rand wrote Anthem in just three months in the summer of 1937 — as a break from the work of planning The Fountainhead .

Last year, the winning entry was submitted by Amy Averell, a student at Collingswood Middle School in Collingswood, . She read her essay as part of the commemoration activities of the 135th anniversary of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address in November.

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Gettysburg College is a highly selective liberal arts college located within 90 minutes of the Washington/Baltimore metropolitan area. Established in 1832, the College has a rich history and is situated on a 220-acre campus with an enrollment of over 2,600 students. Gettysburg College celebrates diversity and welcomes applications from members of any group that has been historically underrepresented in the American academy. The College assures equal employment opportunity and prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age, and disability.

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In the art category, first place honors go to Alivia Hurd of Bermudian Springs Middle School for her depiction of feminist and black activist Amanda Stenberg. In second is Colleen Yacapsin, also of Bermudian, for her colored pencil and graphite depiction of YouTube star and actress Andrea Russett. In third is Mackenzie Christie of New Oxford Middle School for her depiction of pop/rock singer and gay rights activist Lynn Gunn. And our honorable mention in the art category is Elizabeth Ann Kreitz of Bermudian for her pencil drawing of actress Lily Collins.

Gettysburg essay contest

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gettysburg essay contest
gettysburg essay contest

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