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Fractional and negative indices homework answers

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Negative fractions are dealt with in the same way as whole negative numbers, and can also be calculated on a number line. For example, take the following problem and solution:

Examples :

4 -3 = ( ) 3 = = .
( ) -4 = 5 4 = 625 .
( ) -2 = ( ) 2 = = .
( ) -5 = ( ) 5 = = .
(- 2) -2 = ( ) 2 = = .
( ) -3 = ( ) 3 = = = - .

Note that a number to a negative exponent is not necessarily a negative number.

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The scale factor is -2, so multiply all the coordinates by -2. So OW' is 2OW . This time we extend the line WO beyond O , before plotting W' .

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Fractional and negative indices homework answers

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fractional and negative indices homework answers
fractional and negative indices homework answers

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