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Grad cafe creative writing admission results

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This is the place to discuss writing (theses, conference and journal papers, etc.), presenting (powerpoint, LaTeX/Beamer??) and publishing.

We are located in a rich literary community, with an abundance of fiction and poetry readings, including readings at Georgetown, Howard, Johns Hopkins, George Mason, George Washington, American University, and the PEN/Faulkner, and a variety of local bookstores. Each year the Program in Creative Writing, in conjunction with the Jiménez-Porter Writers' House brings visiting writers to visit workshops and read in the Writers Here & Now  series. 

Creative writing grad cafe . @ahteit @suzannayoussef i'm writing an essay while studying economics and watching a football match. #multitasking

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Grad cafe creative writing admission results

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Creative writing grad cafe -

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grad cafe creative writing admission results
grad cafe creative writing admission results

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