Thesis tomato

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Tomato, also known as Solanum lycopersicum, is one of the oldest domesticated species of the human civilization. Tomato belongs to that family of plants whose all members have the innate ability of being domesticated. Today, almost all the regions of the world use tomato as a food product and majority also cultivate it as their main crop. It is a self-pollinating species of plants and both its seeds and pollens have strong and longer life spans as well as the ability to introduce different sorts of variations in the plant too.

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Nature of gene action and molecular marker assisted selection for powdery mildew resistance in pea (Pisum sativum L.)

Mission Statement
Founded in 1968, The California Tomato Research Institute, Inc. is a non-profit organization of processing tomato growers. As the industry's research sponsor, the Institute's purpose is to identify, fund and direct research to maintain and enhance the economic viability of California's processing tomato industry with emphasis on production, product quality and the environment.

The CTRI program is comprised of short and long term projects

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Supported by the Florida Tomato Committee Tomato Research Report 2009-2010 ... Tomato varieties with improved resistance to multiple ... student thesis research ...

Thesis tomato

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thesis tomato
thesis tomato

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