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Ntnu thesis download

The engineering education in Trondheim began with Trondhjems Tekniske Læreanstalt (Trondheim Technical College) in 1870, and in 1910, Norwegian Institute of Technology (NTH) opened officially. In 2010, NTNU celebrated the 250th anniversary of Trondheim Academy. NTNU also celebrated the 100th anniversary of NTH in the same year. The centennial was also celebrated by the publication of several books, among them a history of the university, entitled "Turbulens og tankekraft. Historien om NTNU" [3] which translates as "Turbulence and mindpower: The history of NTNU".

If your MA thesis is given an F or Fail, a new thesis or a significantly reworked thesis can be submitted for a second and final evaluation.

For the most up to date lists of publications, and to download pdf versions, please see the personal websites of the following individual  members :

You should edit and add files in the inc folder. You can also add files in the figures\ folder. The will only be used if you are going to generate a file not in the DAIM system, thus this should be a copy of the data you are entering into the DAIM system. This is where the information for the front material is set.

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In April 2017, SoftICE members Ottar L. Osen and Robin T. Bye presented two papers on educational research at CSEDU 2017.  According to the CSEDU website , “[t] he very best papers presented at this event are selected by the conference and program chairs of the event based on a number of criteria that include the classifications and comments provided by the program committee members, the session chairs’ assessment and also the chairs’ global view of all papers included in the technical program. ”

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If you (still) prefer to write your thesis in Microsoft Word, you have to make your own style. It is preferred that you adapt your style as closely as possible to the style of the LaTeX template. Have a look at the file    and try to use the same margins, font sizes, and so on. The font used in the LaTeX template is Adobe Utopia . If you do not have this font, try to choose a similar serif font. You should never write your report with a sans serif textfont, such as Arial, Helvetica, or Calibri – it may look nice, but is very tiring and difficult to read.

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Ntnu thesis download

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Master theses - NTNU

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ntnu thesis download
ntnu thesis download

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