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Nicholas ii essay

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Furthermore, most of the population were illiterate and many still existed as serfs - effectively slaves under the control of wealthy landowners.

OR: Nicholas II: Industrial Developments
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The Russian revolution of 1917 was the result of several major problems of political, social, and economic nature such as the tsar and his ruling, Russia’s humiliation, and the peasant’s…

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Czar Nicholas II was short, only about five foot six inches tall. His other relatives seemed to tower above him. Though he worked out in his private gym daily, he would always be seen as slight and wiry. Because his legs were so short, most people agreed that he looked most regal when mounted on horseback. He always wore his brown hair parted on the left. His beard, also brown, was streaked with golden highlights as if the sun had reached out and stroked it with a kindly finger. The Czar had a nervous habit of brushing his mustache up with the back of his hand. In time, this gesture would become his distinct signature.

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Emily Hawkins How far do you agree that Nicholas II’s downfall was caused by World War 1? 1914 was a devastating year for many countries of the world, as world war one began to take full effect. But as world war one shook the world; it began to question Nicholas II’s ability to rule Russia. In this essay i will discuss the extent of world war one’s responsibility in Nicholas II’s downfall, and the extent of other contributing factors. I will argue that Nicholas II’s own traits as a leader were the main reason for his downfall.

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Now, not everything that went wrong during his reign should be blamed on Nicholas as his father was the one who decided against training him for the position. This was done despite urgent pleas from Finance Minister Serge Witte. Alexander III believed that he was young and strong and that his son was too immature to handle the rigorous training. This was to prove a fatal mistake.

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At 9 Nicholas assumed the throne, marrying the granddaughter of Queen Victoria the German Princess Alix of Hess. She took the name Alexandra and …

In conclusion, the war itself was a disaster for Russia. Their army was top-heavy and woefully ill-equipped, as was shown by the Manchurian debacle in 1905. Nicholas II going to the front with his men was commendable from a moral standpoint, but was political disaster for him. Tsarina Alexandra and Rasputin were unequal to the task of governing the nation and were heavily criticised in the popular press. However, the war itself was only a catalyst for what was already set in stone after Bloody Sunday and the Russo-Japanese War.

Nicholas ii essay

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nicholas ii essay
nicholas ii essay

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