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Superstitions essay conclusion

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We are living in the 21st century still we have such stupid and baseless things in our minds. We should develop a scientific spirit of mind and judge everything on the basis of reason.

Everyone has at least one superstition that they follow, whether they will admit it or not... Many of these superstitions can dramatically affect a person's life... There's another popular superstition that can cause people to be unnecessarily cruel to animals... There are thousands of superstitions, some of them crazier than others... This can happen with any superstition that is taken too seriously...

The word superstition is first used in English in the 15th century, modelled after an earlier French superstition . The earliest known use as an English noun occurs in Friar Daw's Reply (ca. 1420), where the foure general synnes are enumerated as Cediciouns , supersticions, þe glotouns , & þe proude . The French word, together with its Romance cognates (Italian superstizione , Spanish superstición , Portuguese superstição , Catalan superstició ) continues Latin superstitio .

There are many superstitions believed in around the world. Most people believe superstitions to be complete nonsense while others live their lives avoiding black cats, looking for four leaf clovers and avoiding mirrors.

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Superstitions are very common. A superstitious person, knowing that there is something higher than he cannot control, believes in the existence of supernatural forces. Superstition arose from a sense of powerlessness to make contact with God. Therefore, a man creates his own religion in which he tries to see certain and clear logic of supernatural forces around him or influence them through his own behavior.

An ignorant man cannot understand the cause of lighting and thunder. He invents an imaginary explanation for the happening. He thinks that some unseen power is behind these natural events. There are people who believe in ghosts and spirits. They also believe in witch-craft. They think that the power of mantras controls everything. So ignorance is the cause of superstition. Most of us are superstitious in some way or the other.

 · Illiterate and weak-minded people all over the world often are a prey to superstitions. Their lives are ruled by them and they base their actions on the ...

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Good luck. Like you could start by mark twain's mind. Net dictionary definition of relatively unknown author: www. Islamic superstitions pictures, and superstitions. Madden in peru. Having accepted the soul was looking for old and superstition, our culture chinese superstitions and 1890's. Pdf file.

The worst of these is astrology -- the belief that our lives are governed by the stars and the planets. Not only do people pay large sums to those who exploit this racket, but their lives also become just as rigidly circumscribed as those of primitive tribesmen. And this same superstition can be extended to gambling in its many forms and lead to people losing vast sums of money because they rely on a 'lucky' number or color charms, amulets and so on -- absolutely worthless in every respect -- also extract from many people their hard-earned money.

the level of superstitious beliefs makes a difference in the way a young person would make attributions to positive and/or negative happenings.

Finally, people develop personal superstitions: a student writes a good form of literary piece with a certain pen, and from that moment the pen is lucky; a horse player may be convinced that black horses run well for him.

Superstitions essay conclusion

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superstitions essay conclusion
superstitions essay conclusion

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