Essay On A Huge Landslide -, Ahuge landslide essay

Ahuge landslide essay

You probably already have most of the things you need. You can put them all together into a bag ready to take with you if you need to evacuate. Or, if you prefer to keep them in the house for everyday use, make sure you know where to find them when an emergency occurs.

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Robin Youngblood, another witness, told the Seattle Times : "All of a sudden there was a wall of mud. Then it hit and we were rolling. The house was in sticks. We were buried under things, and we dug ourselves out."

Objective of this chapter is to present all the literature available related to landslides and it's impact to socio environment. It would include what are natural disasters, priority of occurrence of natural disasters, some thing about Sri Lanka and natural disasters in Sri Lanka; something about landslides, landslides is the one of main natural disasters for Hill country, reasons for landslides in Sri Lanka specially in Ratnapura district, socio impact of natural landslides in Sri Lanka, mitigation of landslides in Sri Lanka.

Following the landslide there was a considerable amount of money spent in the ecovering the area, this was to reduce the chance of a further landslide . (Ylvisaker, 2003) There was a huge economic cost associated with the recovery. Many resources were required for the recovery. Diamond dill bits were used to drill through the concrete slabs. These bits costing $10 OOO(Ryzman & Zwar, 2003) Thermal imaging equipment was also used in an attempted to find survivors. Helicopters were also required to remove concrete slabs from the area. This resulted In the rescue operation costing millions of dollars(Hand, 2000).

1) an earthquake (movement of the sea floor)
2) a volcanic eruption (lava and rock going "kersploosh" into the sea)
3) a huge landslide, as was the case in Lituya Bay

But for all these blessings there are negative sides too, some due to over-exploitation, some due to nature’s wrath and it would not be wrong to say that there is nothing more destructive than when nature is furious or making adjustments.

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Started in year 2010, ‘Climate Himalaya’ initiative has been working on Mountains and Climate linked issues in the Himalayan region of South Asia. In the last five years this knowledge sharing portal has become one of the important references for the governments, research institutions, civil society groups and international agencies, those have work and interest in the Himalayas. The Climate Himalaya team innovates on knowledge sharing, capacity building and climatic adaptation aspects in its focus countries like Bhutan, India, Nepal and Pakistan. Climate Himalaya’s thematic areas of work are mountain ecosystem, water, forest and livelihood. Read>>

Flood is usually an overflow of an expanse of water that submerges land and the inflow of tide onto land. Floods are the most frequent and costly natural hazards, causing almost 90 percent of all the damage related to natural disasters. Floods usually cause large-scale loss of human life and wide spread damage to properties. This damage is known as flood damage. Unimaginable damage will be caused to agriculture, thereby affecting the United State's planning and this will upset its financial budgeting, thereby slowing down the economy as a whole.

 · Literature On The Impacts Of Landslides Environmental Sciences Essay. Print ... Landslide hazard ... Cyclones are huge revolving storms caused by winds ...

Earthflows are downslope, viscous flows of saturated, fine-grained materials, which move at any speed from slow to fast. Typically, they can move at speeds from to 20 km/h ( to  mph). Though these are a lot like mudflows , overall they are more slow moving and are covered with solid material carried along by flow from within. They are different from fluid flows which are more rapid. Clay, fine sand and silt, and fine-grained, pyroclastic material are all susceptible to earthflows. The velocity of the earthflow is all dependent on how much water content is in the flow itself: the higher the water content in the flow, the higher the velocity will be.

Though initial reports stated that the landslide had killed 17 people, officials expected the death toll to exceed 150. [12] As of 4 August 2014, the death toll had reached 134. The bodies so far recovered were of 50 men, 64 women and 20 children. [4]

Immediately, the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) and Washington State Police closed 47 miles of SR 410. At first emergency crews attempted to turn the Nile Road, which ran along the south side of the river parallel to SR 410, into a detour route. But by 10 . the continuing landslide damaged that road and the flooding river submerged it. There was a last-resort exit, a gravel mountain road available for evacuations and emergencies. An ambulance was stationed above the slide and the Nile-Cliffdell firestation west of the slide was available in case of need. Also a helicopter could be employed in an emergency. However, no one was injured in the landslide.

The team from the Department for International Development (DFID) joined forces with United Nations and Red Crescent workers after torrents of mud and earth swept through the town of Aab Barik in Badakshan province in north eastern Afghanistan on Friday.

Ahuge landslide essay

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Literature On The Impacts Of Landslides Environmental.

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a huge landslide essay
a huge landslide essay

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