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Social network essay conclusion

The right argumentative essay topics on social media will help you get good grades and impress the teacher. If you search over the internet you will find quite a lot of argumentative essay topics on social media. Here is a list of some of the best argumentative essay topics on social media that you can work on. Make sure that the subject is fresh and unique in its own way.

Beginning in the late 1990s, social network analysis experienced work by sociologists, political scientists, and physicists such as Duncan J. Watts , Albert-László Barabási , Peter Bearman , Nicholas A. Christakis , James H. Fowler , and others, developing and applying new models and methods to emerging data available about online social networks, as well as "digital traces" regarding face-to-face networks.

The social network is a movie released in 2010 by Roger Ebert. It is entails a young boy Mark Zuckerberg who never gave up in anything he decided to do….

Social media and social networking seem to play an imperative part of peoples lives around the world. There are some who debate whether it is improving or crippling communication skills. Sitting behind a computer communicating with cyber friends can be easy and fun but can weaken a person's verbal communication skills. I will not only focus on the negative impacts on communication because there are some positive impacts on communication through social media. I will explore how social media and networking strengthens and weakens communication.

I aired my own views on this a few days ago.

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According to ComScore, there are about % of billion people visit website “ “ up to the end of November 2011. Facebook is a kind of Social Networking….

A social network is used for people to get to know each other more and create new friends/connections. Social networks are also used to share things with other people.

While on one hand social network sites seems to bring people together and connected on the other hand it creates social isolation in regard to BBC News report. As the youth tend to spend many hours on these sites, they rarely have face-to-face interaction. According various studies, scientists’ evaluation determined that social isolation can lead to a host of emotional, psychological, physical and mental problems which include anxiety, depression and somatic complaints among many others.

What does this have to do with social networking? The truth is that it happens online mostly because online is the most efficient way to do it, and the likes of Facebook have made it more pleasurable. The Facebook wall is more like a kitchen fridge where people stick up their paintings for all the world to see.

Social networking sites may have made things a little too easy for people. In many cases you do not have to leave your computer when you want to meet new people or watch something you would normally watch on television. You can make new connections from one place without the need to leave your home. This aspect may leave some feeling as if they do not need to leave their home. Others may have issues with self-confidence and think it will be better to meet others through the use of social networking. Then you have the aspect of wanting to fit in; you may feel you will not fit in as much in person and use social networking as a wall to hid behind.

. His own friends often encouraged him to go on with the Facebook idea with some requesting him for an account. On the other hand, his first girlfriend highly opposed the Facebook idea and the social groups in existence in the university shown by how angry she became after Mark introduced the Facebook idea to her. She is used to show that in every aspect of life, there are people who try to suppress brilliant ideas no matter who raises them.

As a parent of two boys at primary school, I'm not immune to worry about these issues. And you don't need to be a parent to fret about the effect of all this technology on young people. Newspapers are constantly filled with frightening accounts of pornography addiction and aggression supposedly caused by violent videogames – particularly now, as Grand Theft Auto V hits the shelves. But even when these titillating accounts touch on real concerns, they do not really reflect the great mass of everyday teenage social behaviour: the online chat, the texting, the surfing, and the emergence of a new teenage sphere that is conducted digitally.


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When they find themselves behind a monitor, people feel secure and safe. However, the relationship with a friend loses some of its authenticity. In other words, this kind of relationship offers aspects and information that people want their friends to perceive only – nothing else. It sounds alright, but think about it for a minute – virtual communication offers truncated, incomplete and inadequate information.

Another way to look at this concept involves understanding the purpose of social media platforms and how they have enhanced the action of networking. Networking is an essential element for anyone wanting to expand their personal network of contacts. When you find a social media platform you are comfortable using you begin to create your own presentation that will attract others. Some social media platforms are good for networking while others are suitable for fun enjoyment. Because these elements are intertwined they are here to stay for a long time and people need to find the best way to utilize them to their own benefit.

Social network essay conclusion

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social network essay conclusion
social network essay conclusion

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