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Gallstone disease thesis

In the developed world , 10–15% of adults have gallstones. [3] Rates in many parts of Africa, however, are as low as 3%. [5] Gallbladder and biliary related diseases occurred in about 104 million people (%) in 2013 and they resulted in 106,000 deaths. [6] [7] Women more commonly have stones than men and they occur more commonly after the age of 40. [1] Certain ethnic groups have gallstones more often than others. [1] For example, 48% of American Indians have gallstones. [1] Once the gallbladder is removed, outcomes are generally good. [1]

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Clinical experience among gastroenterologists indicates that laparoscopic management of gallbladder disease offers a less invasive alternative to open surgery.

 · Abstract. Gallstone disease is one of the most prevalent gastrointestinal diseases with a substantial burden to health care systems that is supposed to ...

Gallstones are a common clinical finding in the Western populations. Ultrasound studies indicate mean prevalence rates of 10–15% in adult European, and of 3–5% in African and Asian populations [ 1 ]. In the US, the prevalence rates range from 5% for nonHispanic black men to 27% for Mexican-American women [ 2 ]. In American Indians, gallstone disease is epidemic and found in 73% of adult female Pima Indians [ 3 ], and in 30% of male and 64% of female in other American Indians [ 4 ].

Gallstone disease thesis

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Gallstone disease - Marschall - 2007 - Journal of Internal.

New Determinants for Gallstone Disease - PhD thesis by.

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gallstone disease thesis
gallstone disease thesis

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