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Hudhud cyclone essay in english

The three deaths in Andhra Pradesh occurred in separate incidents in Visakhapatnam and Srikakulam districts, Chief Secretary IYR Krishna Rao said.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi chairing a emergency high-level meeting to review the preparedness for Cyclone HudHud, in New Delhi on Saturday. Photo: PTI pm: PM Modi holds emergency meeting to review preparedness

In an emergency high-level meeting to review preparedness for cyclone Hudhud, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday asked officials to ensure that rescue and relief operations proceed smoothly and people are informed about the cyclone on a real-time basis.

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# According to Andhra Pradesh’s Revenue (Disaster Management) Department, a total of 2,48,004 people were affected by Hudhud, which also damaged 70 houses and left 34 animals dead.

Extremely Severe Cyclonic Storm Hudhud was a strong tropical cyclone that caused extensive damage and loss of life in eastern India and Nepal during October 2014.

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After covering the deadly Kandla cyclone in Gujarat in 1998, the earthquake that devastated Kutch on January 26, 2001, the raw violence and killing fields of Ahmedabad during post-Godhra riots in February-March 2002, the 2004 tsunami devastation in Nagapattinam in Tamil Nadu, and the student self-immolations in Telangana, I thought I had seen it all. But I was not prepared for Vizag, where I was born, as I entered the city on Sunday just as cyclone Hudhud was making landfall.

Because of the Coriolis effect , the wind flow around a large cyclone is counterclockwise in the Northern Hemisphere and clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere. [17] In the Northern Hemisphere, the fastest winds relative to the surface of the Earth therefore occur on the eastern side of a northward-moving cyclone and on the northern side of a westward-moving one; the opposite occurs in the Southern Hemisphere. [18] In contrast to low pressure systems, the wind flow around high pressure systems are clockwise ( anticyclonic ) in the northern hemisphere, and counterclockwise in the southern hemisphere.

The name Hudhud was given to the cyclone by Oman — in Arabic it refers to the Hoopoe bird. Why Oman? Because a procedure is followed while naming cyclones over this part of the Indian Ocean, and countries are allotted turns to name cyclones. Care is taken that no community’s sensitivities are hurt while giving names since cyclones are destructive. Accordingly, Oman named it Cyclone Hudhud.

Damaged stores in the busy port city of Visakhapatnam have remained open to sell gas, milk and other groceries at prices far higher than normal, according to the Times of India. Basic necessities are being sold at twice or thrice the normal price as local store owners attempt to cash in on desperate citizens in a country where as many as 50,000 mud hut residences were destroyed by the storm, the Associated Press reports.

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strategies and disaster management plan with a special reference to the recently hit Hudhud cyclone in Visakhapatnam. Keywords: Geo-physical, Tropical cyclones, ...

Hudhud cyclone essay in english

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hudhud cyclone essay in english
hudhud cyclone essay in english

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