Twenty Something: Skyy Vodka Advertisement Analysis, Skyy vodka advertisement essay

Skyy vodka advertisement essay

With more than 1,500 cool Absolute Vodka advertisements launched by the beginning of the new millennium, the company obtained a dramatic increase in US sales, from only 10,000 cases by the end of 1980 to incredible million recorded in 2000. Young adults were simply fascinated by the ads, and cut those out to make all sorts of beautiful decorations.

Questions: Who is this ad for? Women who want to get drunk, have a threesome and suck balls with a friend? Or is it for men, who are suppose to believe that drinking cherry-flavored vodka will make women of all races drop to their knees? And what ever happened to non-sleazy yet visually interesting vodka ads?

[2] Stuart Hall: Representations and the Media. Prod. Sut Jhally. Dir. Sut Jhally. Eds. Sanjay Talreja, Sut Jhally, & Mary Patierno. 1997. Film.

Television is the industry which most commonly guilty of perpetrating gender roles and stereotypes. Very sharp contrasting stereotyping of gender roles on television can be noticed in commercials and advertisements….

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Sex sells. Everyone knows this, which is why vodka (which we like to think is the sexiest drink out there), ads so often feature provocative poses and sultry come ...

Limoncello is an Italian liqueur, traditionally served after meals, or sometimes as a welcome drink. It’s typically served chilled at the very least, and occasionally it may be so cold that it borders on Slurpee consistency (though it has to be a lower-proof version or an extremely cold freezer to make that happen). While it’s typically served straight, it also makes for a killer cocktail ingredient.

Vodka marketing in recent months has gotten quite serious, as brands go to great lengths to describe their complex origins and formulas. Belvedere Vodka, for instance, touts its credentials as distilled "according to a 600-year-old Polish tradition," while Grey Goose is explaining how its creator defied naysayers by crafting the vodka from French wheat.

This post is very thorough. It makes excellent use of semiotics in order to analyze an advertisement from Skyy vodka. Excellent work!

Griffen, Em. (2009). Symbolic Interactionism of George Herbert Mead. Ryan, Michael (Ed.), A First Look at Communication Theory (-68). New York, NY: Mcgraw-Hill Companies, Inc.

Skyy Vodka bottle is being gently iced by a well manicured hand. The bottle is a sharp navy blue with silver print, bolding the Skyy text for emphasize and the entire ad is featured with a red background. A translucent crisp cube of ice is being held by the hand of a woman with long red nails. Skyy Vodka advertisement’s blue and red contrast speak volumes about what this product is trying to tell customers: that Skyy Vodka makes you cool, calm, sleek, and collective even in the zestiest situations.

In comparison, these two advertisements appear to be very different, although they are selling the same thing. In each ad bright colors, such as red and orange, are used as an attention-grabber. A person is more likely to stop and look at an ad with a lot of color, rather than one that is very plain and camouflaged into the pages of the magazine. Also, the use of snob appeal is prominent in both ads. As stated by Stuart Hirschberg, Ð'ÐŽÐ'oThe value warrant in

Skyy vodka advertisement essay

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SKYY Vodka

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skyy vodka advertisement essay
skyy vodka advertisement essay

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