FPGA Implementation of the Lane Detection and Tracking., Fpga master thesis germany

Fpga master thesis germany

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ZynqNet CNN is a highly efficient CNN topology. Detailed analysis and optimization of prior topologies using the custom-designed Netscope CNN Analyzer have enabled a CNN with % top-5 accuracy at a computational complexity of only 530 million multiplyaccumulate operations. The topology is highly regular and consists exclusively of convolutional layers, ReLU nonlinearities and one global pooling layer. The CNN fits ideally onto the FPGA accelerator.

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 · zynqnet - Master Thesis "ZynqNet: An FPGA -Accelerated Embedded Convolutional Neural Network"

The functionality of an FPGA is not fixed during the production process. The functionality can be changed by writing a different configuration to the configuration memory. This flexibility leads to a substantial reduction of the economic risk of developing hardware accelerators. It also explains the rise in the popularity of the FPGA. Unfortunately the flexibility of the FPGA comes at a price.

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Fpga master thesis germany

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fpga master thesis germany
fpga master thesis germany

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