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Operations and management in a business plan

Delivered entirely online, the 10 Core Curriculum Readings in Operations Management cover essential concepts and frameworks that are vital to a business education. Each Reading is now accompanied by a 30-question test bank which instructors can draw from to create custom quizzes and exams for their students. Log in (or register) as a Premium Educator to view test banks.

This is a reasonable definition, but it takes too much thinking. Let’s redefine it by starting with a few simple definitions that should make for a much clearer definition of what IT Operations does.

GEO Corrections & Detention provides secure corrections and detention management services as well as secure offender transportation services to government clients in the United States and Internationally. Worldwide, GEO Corrections & Detention oversees the operation and management of approximately 96,00 beds in 140 correctional and detention facilities.

We approach operations by examining the impact of management decisions on the day-to-day running of a company, as well as the reverse: how the daily workings affect management decisions. Through this two-way lens, you will learn to successfully manage an organization's resources - its human capital, plants and facilities, processes, machinery and technology, raw materials, and other "inputs" - in order to maximize the four value creators: time, price, quality, and variety. In learning to combine concepts, models, and data to develop better systems, you will be equipped to make better operations decisions.

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When an application has performance issues or a customer has a bad experience with an application, IT operations is often the first to get a call about the problem. IT operations teams need to understand application performance and simulate user experience in the context of the IT infrastructure to:

In contrast, projects are temporary and help the business to meet organisational goals and to respond quickly and easily to the external environment. Organisations use projects to change operations, products and services to meet business need, gain competitive advantage and respond to new markets.

"...In large cities, on the other hand, inasmuch as many people have demands to make upon each branch of industry, one trade alone, and very often even less than a whole trade, is enough to support a man: one man, for instance, makes shoes for men, and another for women; and there are places even where one man earns a living by only stitching shoes, another by cutting them out, another by sewing the uppers together, while there is another who performs none of these operations but only assembles the parts. It follows, therefore, as a matter of course, that he who devotes himself to a very highly specialized line of work is bound to do it in the best possible manner."

The fact that operations management involves the processes engaged in the conversion of inputs into outputs means that it applies to both manufacturing and service industries. Manufacturing involves the transformation of inputs comprising raw materials, labor, and capital into finished commodities. The service industry transforms the same inputs into intangible outputs. Slack et al. observe that for service and manufacturing industries, the operations function works to ensure that goods and services are produced within budget constraints, delivered to markets according to plan and possess the required level of quality (2008).

The following sections provide a high level description of the different value areas of OMS and the services that implement them. You can refer to OMS architecture for an overview of the different OMS components before reviewing the detailed documentation for each.

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We will see how different business strategies require different business processes, and vice versa, how different operational capabilities allow and support different strategies to gain competitive advantage. A process view of operations will be used to analyze different key operational dimensions such as capacity management, flow time management, supply chain management, and quality management. We will also discuss developments such as lean operations, just-in-time operations, and time-based competition.

Get a holistic view of your IT environment and business services. We integrate service management, application management and systems management, to help you improve performance and availability.

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Consider a pharmaceutical company such as Merck. The marketing function of Merck is responsible for promoting new pharmaceuticals to target customers and bringing customer feedback to the organization. Marketing is essentially the window to customers. The finance function of Merck makes sure that they have needed capital for different processes including R&D. However, it is the operations function that plans and coordinates all the resources needed to design, produce, and deliver the various pharmaceuticals to hospitals, pharmacies, and other locations where needed. Without operations, there would be no products to sell to customers.

Another reason for greater awareness of operations management is the increased application of operations management concepts and techniques to service operations. Finally, operations management concepts are being applied to other functional areas such as marketing and human resources. The term marketing/operations interface is often used.

Operations and management in a business plan

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operations and management in a business plan
operations and management in a business plan

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