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Homework machine book club questions

The Homework Machine is an Wiki Channel Original Movie set to premiere 2015.  The movie is based on the book of the same title."It is much like the book, but more grownup." said Tatertat, the producer and director for the film.

Dan Gutman hated to read when he was a kid. Then he grew up. Now he writes cool books like The Kid Who Ran for President ; Honus & Me ; The Million Dollar Shot ; Race for the Sky ; and The Edison Mystery: Qwerty Stevens, Back in Time . If you want to learn more about Dan or his books, stop by his website at .

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The rest of D Squad are amazed, and pretty soon, the homework machine (which they name Belch) is doing their homework, too! Can you imagine all the things you could do if you didn’t have to spend time on homework? Is there anything bad that could happen if a machine did your homework for you? Find out what happens to D Squad in The Homework Machine by Dan Gutman.

This review is interesting to me stylistically. I had a hunch after your last reviews on the Hunger Games that you were taking on a style of the book in your review. I really enjoy that idea. In this review, hoewever, it struck me a bit differently. For instance, you began your first paragraph with a few fragments. I understood what you meant very clearly and found the conversational tone to be charming. It still made my inner grammar freak twitch.

The "homework machine" is in the style of the large mainframe computers of the 1950s, and one that uses paper punched cards . The concept of students using computers for research is common today; however, this computer was not merely a machine via which the drudgery of solving many 3 or 4 digit long division problems could be offloaded; it was also somehow able to accept "programming" of students' text books that enabled it to write reports on topics that were covered by the text books.

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“Abraham Lincoln once said "That is cool"? It's true. I looked it up. He said it in his famous Cooper Union speech. Google it if you don't believe me.”

Four fifth-grade students--a geek, a class clown, a teacher's pet, and a slacker--as well as their teacher and mothers, each relate events surrounding a computer programmed to complete homework assignments.

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The fifth graders have discovered an invention that will do all of their homework for them. Will their secret be discovered?

Before long, members of the D Squad, as they are called at school are getting strange Instant Messages from a shady guy named Milner; their teacher, Miss Rasmussen, is calling private meetings with each of them and giving them pop tests that they are failing; and someone has leaked the possibility of a homework machine to the school newspaper. Just when the D Squad thinks things can't get any more out of control, Belch becomes much more powerful than they ever imagined. Soon the kids are in a race against their own creation, and the loser could end up in jail...or worse!

Homework machine book club questions

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homework machine book club questions
homework machine book club questions

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